Cinnamon Faith Action Audit launch at YMCA Hawker Centre

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Churches and faith groups from across Kingston upon Thames last week launched a powerful new report in association with UK charity Cinnamon Network, providing clear evidence of the large scale social action impact and economic value these groups are having in the local community.

A summer adventure

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Sponsor the YMCA LSW residential camp for young carers

On 3 to 7 August, YMCA St Paul’s Group will take ten young carers aged 10-13 years camping at YMCA Fairthorne in Southampton. Here, they will get to do all sorts of fun and outdoorsy activities, including sailing, kayaking, raft building and canoeing. In the evenings, they will sit under the stars around a camp…

Reaching happiness through arts and creativity

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About this time last summer, 21 year old Annabel was released from hospital. She had been admitted to the psychiatric ward two months earlier, due to severe mental health issues including anxiety and depression. 

A lovely mum and daughter reunion

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With a busy schedule consisting of school, homework, after-school activities and work, many families struggle to find time to spend together in a stress-free and relaxing atmosphere.

Vibrant atmosphere at Room Exposed

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Room Exposed, a showcase event for the room youth projects at YMCA John Innes youth centre in Wimbledon.

On Wednesday 8 July, YMCA St Paul’s Group opened the doors to ROOM Exposed; a cultural event showcasing the youth work, arts and sports activities at the YMCA John Innes Youth Centre in Wimbledon.

Dancing with the YMCA stars

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YMCA LSW offers dance class for all ages and levels. Visit our website for more information.

Jazz dancing, Latin rhythms, Bollywood, Tap and Tango… One of the things that make the Health & Wellbeing services at the YMCA so unique is the sheer amount of dance classes on our timetable. 

A YMCA ballet talent

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Come September, 16 year old Alex will pack his belongings and move out from his parents’ house in Surbiton, South West London. With him, he’ll take ballet shoes – lots of ballet shoes.

Got the tennis fever? YMCA Hawker is the place to be this summer!

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YMCA Hawker Junior Tennis Summer Tournament 2015

Which of the Williams sisters is the stronger? What happened to Nadal? And can Andy Murray really bring home the Wimbledon trophy again? It is tennis fever in South West London and it stretches all the way to YMCA Hawker in Kingston upon Thames, where last Sunday, junior players from the YMCA Hawker tennis courses…

Pod news July 2015

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The sun is shining and although it’s nice and hot outside, the Pod soft play at YMCA Hawker is still a great place to come to play, cool down and let off some steam. Starting from 20 July, we are offering lots of extras with your visit to the Pod every Monday, Wednesday and Friday….

Fitness for all at YMCA Wimbledon

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Every week a group of good friends meet up for some exercise and a delicious, healthy meal at YMCA Wimbledon. They come from all over Merton and have one thing in common: they love to be active.