28 November 2014

This December, a new fitness class is launching at YMCA Hawker called Bodyvive. Developed by  LesMills, Bodyvive is a mix of strength, cardio and core training. With exercises such as lunges, squats, running and tubing exercises, all accompanied by great music, the class leaves you feeling satisfied, motivated and energetic. 

Body Vive is an optimal mix of strength, cardio and core training. A great cross training option for people of all fitness levels,” says Zoe Watson, Class Co-ordinator at YMCA Hawker.

“It’s really good fun and I hope people will jump on board when we launch the classes on Monday 1 December! The classes will be running Monday nights at 7.30pm and Wednesday mornings at 9.30am, and people can get a free trial class by sending me an email”.

Exercise classes are my passion

From a background in Advertising and Pharmacology, Zoe got hooked on fitness after a friend brought her along to a local fitness centre.

At the fitness centre there was a great instructor who had incredible energy and who ran very challenging, but fun classes with lots of choreography. I loved it and started spending more and more time there. Eventually, he suggested that I train as an instructor myself,” she says.

Shortly after, Zoe started covering classes at YMCA LSW. She has now been at YMCA Hawker for nearly eight years. “This is actually the place I have been teaching classes the longest, when I think of it! I’m really lucky: I’m doing something I love – exercise classes are my passion”.

Friendly and inclusive

I really like working at the Hawker centre. For a start, the customers are incredible – it’s such a wide variety of people that come here and they are all genuinely lovely,” says Zoe.

Also, it’s something about the atmosphere – it’s just very different from other gyms I have worked at. It is very friendly. It’s easy to walk into a class – they are very inclusive and no one glares at you. Instead you’ll always get a friendly ‘hi!’.

YMCA Hawker simply feels like home. There’s no pretentiousness, no cliques and no snobbery. Another reason why I like working here is the camaraderie of the colleagues. We all have a common focus and that is to try to make our users feel welcome.

In my role, I’m trying to be a familiar and friendly face that people know that they can come talk to about classes. Whether they have questions, complaints or comments – I’m there for the users”.

Flexible solutions

Being a new member at a gym is not always easy. Zoe wants everyone to feel welcome, regardless of fitness.

“We have a very flexible approach here, we understand that it’s not easy when you first start,” Zoe explains.

“At YMCA Hawker we offer a wide variety of classes and it can be confusing at first to find out which suits you.  New beginners can come and talk to me for advice. I can guarantee there is something suitable for all levels of fitness.

For instance, if doing a whole class is a bit daunting at first, why not stay for a half? The class instructors are really understanding of things like that, and I can help talk to them beforehand if that helps”.

Body balance

Zoe herself is teaching Body Pump, Body Vive, Body Balance and Pilates , however Body Balance, she says, is her real passion. The class offers a fusion of tai chi, yoga and pilates.

“Body Balance is basically suitable for people of all ages and abilities”, Zoe explains.

“Flexibility is often overlooked and people who do the classes often comment that they feel the benefits straight away,” she says.

“It improves strength and flexibility. It’s tougher than people think, but with the right adjustments, it will suit every level of fitness”.

If you feel that a lifestyle change is needed, but are unsure how to get started, Zoe has the following advice:

Set short and medium goals. Take little steps. Go to classes! Because of the way our classes are designed and because of the friendly atmosphere there’s a real feel good factor to going to classes.  And don’t be afraid to try something new. Give it a go and if you don’t like it – well, then try something different”.

25 days for £25 until Christmas

Bodyvive launches at YMCA Hawker on Monday 1 December at 7.30pm. Get a free pass for your first Body Vive class by sending an email to ZoeWatson@ymcalsw.org

Until 24 December 2014, you can sign up for a 25 day trial for only £25 in all of our gyms at YMCA Hawker, YMCA Surbiton and YMCA Wimbledon.

The 25 days for £ 25 offer includes unlimited use of our gyms and classes, over 50 classes a week to choose from and no joining fee if you decide to become a member after the 25 days are over.