Hayes building youth services

22 June 2022

Ashley is a user of our youth services, based in Hayes. He made this powerful film which explores how the youth work at YMCA St Paul’s Group, and every YMCA across the UK, is so vital for young people in our communities.

Ashley very kindly gave us some further background, to explain more about his motivations, hopes and aspirations for his film. We are so proud of him for creating this impactful film, and telling us his story.

Youth Services Campaign from Ashley Stanley on Vimeo.


Q. How long has the YMCA been part of your life?
A: Since my early teenage years, I’ve been attending the youth club to kick back and have a game of pool. It’s also more than a youth club, it’s a safe space with the all the supportive youth workers.

Q: How has the YMCA helped you over the years?
A: The safe space was an important element of what the service offered with their wide range of activities. This helped me a lot during the exam season.

Q: Why did you decide to make the film?
A: Having set out a vision in my own way of giving back, I set out to make a documentary showing all the vital work the service does for the local community and the youth of the community.

Q: What do you hope the film will achieve?
A: To get across the message about the vital impact youth services have had on young people who are a part of the service.

Q: How did you learn to make films, and how would you like to follow this in the future? As a career?
A: Having a background in studying media for the last 5 and half years has given me the gateway to learn all sorts of creative skills in the industry. Having started following this already I have been working hard and have been in a apprenticeship placement coming up to a year, learning lots of great stuff.

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