Teen Girl Standing Horizontal 1024x683 - Value for Money (VfM)

One of the most important considerations for YMCA St Paul’s Group, our service users and other stakeholders, is that we provide services that are Value for Money (VfM).

VfM is embedded in our Corporate Strategy and across the Association. One of our corporate objectives is to ensure financial sustainability.  Financial sustainability through the delivery of Value for Money to our stakeholders is central to ensuring that we achieve our mission and all our strategic objectives.

In a climate of reduced government funding and potential economic hardship for many of our customers, preserving the Association’s financial position at current level, let alone improving upon it, is our challenge going forward.

VfM is integral to our approach to budgeting and business planning where every penny is made to count and all savings are ploughed back into service improvements or investment in homes. Our treasury activities aim to maximise interest rate savings, wherever possible, provided this does not jeopardise the Association’s financial wellbeing in the long-term.