21 August 2017

Everyone has questions.

Exploring is good. We’re built for it. Explore more about life, faith and meaning with Alpha.

Alpha is a free 12-week course that gives a chance for anyone whatever their beliefs to explore spirituality and Christian  faith.  Each evening starts with a small meal for a suggested donation of £3.50.  Next is a video about the evening’s theme, followed by much discussion in small groups.

Alpha started in London in 1977 in an Anglican church and now is  run all over the world in churches, homes, work places, prisons, universities and other locations. Topics include: Who is Jesus? How do I pray?, What about evil? and What do I do with the rest of my life? It’s a great place to  make new friends and ask deeper questions in a relaxed environment.

“We genuinely want to give everyone the chance to explore spirituality and Christian  faith. There will be no pressure to convert or join a church!” says Jacky Bone, one of the YMCA chaplains who leads the course.

Dates: Monday 18 September – 4 December 2017

Time: 7pm

Venue: YMCA Surbiton Café

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Contact YMCA Chaplain Jacky Bone if you would like to know more about Alpha:

Email: Jackybone@ymcalsw.org or call 07894690112 or 020 8339 7320.

21 August 2017