In addition to the main board of trustees there are three types of board sub-committee:

Local Area Committee (LAC)

In line with the geographical focus of the work and the accompanying Executive Team structure there are four Local Area committees. These are West/Slough, East, South West and South (London). These committees are responsible for considering the impact and development of the work in each Area. Their meetings include reports from the Area Directors as well as updates from the area managers. They can also consider feedback from residents, local consultation groups, partners, and other stakeholders.

The Local Area Committees are responsible for overseeing, promoting and monitoring all the commercial activities undertaken in the geographic area to ensure these activities are sustainable and earning sufficient revenues to cover costs. They are responsible for leading on compliance with the RSH’s Consumer Standards and advise the Board on external factors likely to affect these operations and propose future strategies.

Local Area Committees are made up of Trustees and independent members


YMCA West London & Slough Committee

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YMCA South West London Committee

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YMCA East London Committee

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YMCA South London Committee

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Audit, Risk & Compliance Committee (ARC)

The ARC is tasked with checking compliance, risk, financial performance, regulatory reports (e.g. RSH, Ofsted, CQC, HSE, Charity Commission), safeguarding, HR sickness and disciplinary issues as well as reviewing incidents, and complaints. They will also oversee the external and internal audit / controls and advise the board on the effectiveness of risk measures. The ARC is responsible for compliance with Regulator of Social Housing requirements i.e. with the Governance and Financial viability & the Rent standard. The Value for Money Strategy will be reported to the ARC and the BDA (see below) but will ultimately be a Board strategy.

The ARC shall be made up of Trustees and independent members

Board Development and Asset committee (BDA)

The Board Development and Asset committee is focused on looking forward in the development and expansion of our building and asset management. It is tasked with reviewing how the newly combined Association can maintain its existing physical presence around London whilst looking to see how this can be expanded to serve more communities in areas previously unreached by the YMCA. They are responsible for the RSH’s Value for Money Strategy (see above) & Home standards and relevant compliance with regulatory requirements as well as ensuring health and safety for anyone using the Association’s assets.

The BDA shall be made up of Trustees and independent members