Your local YMCA is looking for dedicated individuals with expertise/ knowledge in a number of fields including :childcare, safeguarding, gym management, housing and/ or homelessness, youth work, legal, governance and financial management. 

If you have professional experience in any of these fields and are looking for an opportunity to give back to your local community why not join our Area Committee based in Walthamstow

You might have toyed with the idea of joining a board of a charity but might not be quite ready to take that step.  

Being a committee member is a great introduction to the board room experience. The reward is unfortunately not of monetary value (yes, we are looking for people to do this on a voluntary basis), but allows you to help shape local YMCA services in your area. 

Committee Membership Description 

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East London Local Area Committee (LAC)
In line with the geographical focus of the work and the accompanying Executive Team structure there are four Local Area committees.

The East London committee is responsible for considering the impact and development of the work in the East London area. Their meetings include reports from the Area Directors as well as updates from the area managers. They can also consider feedback from residents, local consultation groups, partners, and other stakeholders.

The Local Area Committee is responsible for overseeing, promoting and monitoring all the commercial activities undertaken in the area to ensure these activities are sustainable and earning sufficient revenues to cover costs. They are responsible for leading on compliance with the RSH’s Consumer Standards and advise the Board on external factors likely to affect these operations and propose future strategies.
The Local Area Committees are made up of Trustees and independent members