Staff with child at club

25 June 2018

Our newly launched Breakfast Club and Afterschool Club at St Mary’s Primary School, Chessington are a big hit with busy parents. Offering fun activities for children from Reception right through to Year 6, the clubs are run by a caring staff team.

Breakfast Club

Children are welcomed from 7.45am, where they are given a healthy breakfast of fruit, toast and breakfast cereals by staff members Ellie and Siobhan. They then have the opportunity to play: either in the IT suite or outside in the playground if the weather is nice. Favourite games include Dodgeball (with small beanbags!), football and pirates! Children are escorted by our staff to each of their classrooms at the start of the school day, where the teachers sign them in.

“We are thrilled to have joined the St Mary’s School community to provide local families with childcare before and after school. The staff and children have built a wonderful atmosphere where everyone is valued and welcomed. The dedicated team are already excitedly planning for the coming academic year. What a great start to the YMCA St Mary’s Partnership!” says Cathryn Thompson, Area Children & Families Manager for YMCA St Paul’s Group.

Afterschool Club

As the school day ends at 3.20pm, children can attend the Afterschool Club until 6pm for a great range of activities which include arts and crafts, outdoor play and trips to local parks. They are encouraged to prepare healthy snacks together such as fresh fruit, sandwiches and wraps.

“St Mary’s Primary School are delighted with the new wrap around, before and after school care now being provided in partnership with YMCA St Paul’s Group. Our collaboration enables local children to access great care and education from 7.45am until 6.00pm daily, on site. YMCA has recruited a professional staff team who are working closely alongside the school staff for the benefit of our children and their families. We are delighted with the arrangement and looking forward to working in partnership with YMCA to further develop provision in the forthcoming months,” says Sarah Hodgson, Headteacher.

If you would like your child to attend Breakfast Club or Afterschool Club, then email us at We also operate bookings on an ad hoc basis, if required. Breakfast Club is £6.50 per session, and Afterschool Club is £11.50 per session.

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25 June 2018