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Customer Survey

We are currently collecting feedback from customers of our After School Clubs. All answers from the survey will help us continue the quality of service we provide, as well as allowing us to implement new changes based on your feedback. If your child uses one of our After School Clubs, then please complete our short online survey. Thankyou for your time! Click here to take the short survey.

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Our Breakfast and After School Clubs

Does your hectic schedule mean you need childcare at either side of the school day?  Then take a look at our Afterschool and Breakfast Clubs across London. Children aged 4-11 years enjoy a variety of activities are given a choice of healthy snacks, time to play with friends and support with their homework. We are affordable and accept Childcare Vouchers from all official providers.

Afterschool Clubs

Bridging the gap between the end of school and the end of the working day is often a challenge. YMCA St Paul’s Group provides reliable Ofsted-registered Afterschool Clubs at an affordable price at our centres and within local schools across the boroughs of Kingston and Waltham Forest.

We are blessed with both indoor and outdoor facilities and lots of space to let off steam after school or chill out with friends.

YMCA St Paul’s Group offers afterschool care in Walthamstow 

‘The staff are excellent and my daughter really enjoys the experience’

Breakfast Clubs

Busy parents who need an early start will welcome the YMCA. Breakfast Clubs. Safe, welcoming places for children to play with friends, catch up with homework or relax before the day really gets going. Pupils arrive before school begins and are given a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day. Research shows that children who eat a healthy breakfast are more productive throughout the school day and healthier.

YMCA St Paul’s Group offers before school care in Walthamstow

Holiday Clubs

Running holiday playschemes is something we at YMCA St Paul’s Group are very proud of. Not only are we giving something to the children, but for busy parents juggling their time, our clubs are a fantastic, affordable childcare solution.

Book a place for the day, week or more at Wild Play Days in Kingston or Y Kidz in Walthamstow for Summer fun.

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