21 November 2016

As part of our Inclusive Lives Project,  we’re  running a free Employment Skills workshop on a weekly basis at the Homes Farm Trust (HFT) centre in New Malden for people with a disability or mental illness.

The sessions are led by Paralympian Gold Medallist Tim Prendergast and aim to build people’s confidence, help them become a good team player and teach them how to apply for a job. The workshop also looks at how to keep healthy, with a good diet and exercise. Tim leads different activities that focus on listening, sharing experiences and feeling confident with new people.

The workshop is really good fun,” says Stuart , a resident at an HFT house in Thetford Road in New Malden.

One of the activities that the group enjoyed was a speed dating-style game, where you faced your partner and told them about your dream meal, and your dream holiday. The aim was to see how much you listened and how you could relay that information back to the group.

Within two minutes, the group discovered they had a shared passion for lasagne and cheesecake! As for dream holidays, there were some interesting destinations. Susie said she would like to visit Borneo: “I would love to go and see the orangutans,” she explained.

For more information about the Employment Skills workshop, contact Inclusive Lives Co-ordinator Hayley Turner on 07587 034278 or email hayleyturner@ymcalsw.org.

21 November 2016