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4 July 2023

At Jumpers! Nursery, we understand the importance of providing a nurturing and enriching environment for children. We believe that every child deserves the best start in life, and we are passionate about demonstrating our commitment to their growth and development. To effectively communicate our vision, values, and unique offerings, we decided to make a film, to capture the essence of Jumpers! Nursery in a visually engaging and compelling manner.


We were lucky enough to have 2 parents who were willing to speak on camera, and who were able to provide a parents’ perspective of the nursery, based on their own experiences and the experiences of their children. The nursery staff and children were of course central to the film and did a fantastic job on filming day. The children were all extremely interested in the camera and filming equipment – we even had a drone! 

We are so proud of the result – the film gives us the opportunity to convey the warmth, care, and dedication of our staff, ensuring that parents get a true sense of what makes our nursery special, and instils a sense of trust in our prospective families. They can witness first-hand the safe and secure environment we provide, observe the engaged and happy children, and witness the professionalism and expertise of our staff.  

Our film is not just a tool for attracting new families; it also serves to engage and connect with our existing nursery community. By sharing the film on social media platforms, our website, and during parent events, we can involve parents in our journey. They become advocates for our nursery, sharing the film with their own networks and spreading the word about the exceptional care and education their children receive.  

We are proud to present our nursery through this film and look forward to welcoming families who share our vision of providing the best possible start in life for every child. For more information about the nursery, or to book a tour, please visit our Jumpers! Nursery webpage.

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