We have a rich history of serving communities since 1858

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Our premises in Kingston's Eden Street in the 19th century is now a fast food restaurant!

The history of YMCA St Paul’s Group YMCA St Paul’s Group has been in existence in various forms in Kingston for just over 160 years since the Association was first established in 1858. However historian and YMCA Committee Member Audrey Giles discovered that the YMCA formed in Kingston in 1874 was not the first, but…

“I’m a shy person, and Get on Track helped me with my confidence”

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Chloe is a resident at YMCA Hayes

Chloe, 19, is a resident at YMCA Hayes in West London. Thanks to supportive YMCA staff and the Get on Track employment and mentoring programme, she has got a roof over her head, about to start volunteering and feeling more positive in herself. “I like living here; it’s given me independence. I can start doing…

“The best thing about living here is you have your own space”

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Joanna lives at YMCA Hayes and loves having her own space, her own room.

After being kicked out of her family home by her mum’s boyfriend and spending months living in her cousin’s shed, Joanna, aged 25, was desperate for her own space and a permanent home. A home where she could relax and feel safe. That’s when she came to YMCA Hayes in September last year. “The best…

How we support young people at YMCA Britwell, Slough

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People outside in garden at YMCA Britwell YMCA Phoenix House Britwell is a homely 10 bed semi-independent service for young people aged 16-25 and leaving care. The service is located in a leafy residential area of Britwell, on the border of Burnham.  All of the accommodation units are fully furnished and residents have access to shared facilities such as a kitchen, computer,...

Sexual health advice and support for young people

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teaching and mentoring young man and women At YMCA St Paul’s Group we believe that every young person should have someone they can trust. Everyone should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing. Francesca Thomas is the Sexual Health Advisor at YMCA Walthamstow in East London. Her work in the borough is not only to educate young people about sex, but...

Merton Winter Night Shelter helps rough sleepers through the coldest months

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Merton Winter Night Shelter provides respite for around 35 rough sleepers each winter at multi-faith venues around the borough. The Merton Night Shelter has been running for eight years now at faith venues across Merton borough, serving homeless people over the coldest months. Run as a partner project of the  YMCA St Paul’s Group, it’s supported by the Wimbledon Foundation and Merton Council. YMCA Project Coordinator Nicki Zisman allocates 14 places at the Merton...

Karate at YMCA Hawker in Kingston

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karate at YMCA Hawker Karate at YMCA Hawker in Kingston is suitable for all ages and abilities with an incredible team of coaches, led by Sensei Satinder Sehra who runs Kahlsa Karate. It’s one of the top 10 karate associations in the country and squad members compete regularly in the UK and Europe. With around 400 students attending each...

 “Living in a mYPad is affordable – and makes sense for me”

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Nastaya lives in mYPAD accommodation at YMCA Walthamstow Finding affordable move-on accommodation in London is often difficult for our residents because it is so expensive but a mYPad provides an affordable solution. As residents begin to work full time and get back on their feet they need to be supported after they move out. The mYPad housing scheme onsite at YMCA Walthamstow offers...

Our Rough Sleeper Project gets people – and their dogs – off the streets

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Our Rough Sleeper Project at YMCA Walthamstow houses rough sleepers in Waltham Forest Borough as part of the latest government initiative to reduce homeless people on the street. YMCA Walthamstow’s Rough Sleeper Project provides short-term accommodation for three months to help rough sleepers get off the streets. The project is funded through the Government’s new Rough Sleeper Initiative. At YMCA Walthamstow, there are 15 rooms for rough sleepers, along with their dogs. “Our bedsits are dog friendly and the Dogs’ Trust has kindly partnered with us to provide...