“Living in a mYPad is affordable – and makes sense for me”

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Nastaya lives in mYPAD accommodation at YMCA Walthamstow

Finding affordable move-on accommodation in London is often difficult for our residents because it is so expensive but a mYPad provides an affordable solution. As residents begin to work full time and get back on their feet they need to be supported after they move out. The mYPad housing scheme onsite at YMCA Walthamstow offers…

Our Rough Sleeper Project gets people – and their dogs – off the streets

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Our Rough Sleeper Project at YMCA Walthamstow houses rough sleepers in Waltham Forest Borough as part of the latest government initiative to reduce homeless people on the street.

YMCA Walthamstow’s Rough Sleeper Project provides short-term accommodation for three months to help rough sleepers get off the streets. The project is funded through the Government’s new Rough Sleeper Initiative. At YMCA Walthamstow, there are 15 rooms for rough sleepers, along with their dogs. “Our bedsits are dog friendly and the Dogs’ Trust has kindly partnered with us to provide…

“I got back on my feet and began finding employment”

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Betina, 24, attended a Get On Track programme as she set about building her confidence in finding employment.

Betina Ebondo Calho, aged 24, is a former resident of YMCA South Ealing. “I lived at the YMCA hostel in South Ealing for three years while I got back on my feet. I’ve now moved and living in private rented accommodation.” Finding employment Betina received marketing training and a certificate in her native France, and would like…

Living at the hostel in Hayes

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YMCA Hayes is a hostel in Hayes, West London

Zahna, aged 19,  has been living at YMCA Hayes since April 2017, after being referred to the Hayes hostel from her local authority in Hackney, East London. Her relationship with her family had broken down and she had nowhere to live. In July 2018 Zahna had a baby and is living in family accommodation at…

“It’s great to be part of an inclusive centre”

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Try out your nearest YMCA St Paul's Group Health & Wellbeing Centre in January - just £25 for 25 days!

Joining a YMCA  Health & Wellbeing Centre is a great way to get fit, socialise and feel better in yourself. What sets YMCA centres apart from other gyms is that they are situated in the heart of communities. They are not only modern, well equipped with dedicated staff, but also act as social hubs where…

Christmas gifts donated to YMCA Walthamstow

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Christmas gifts for our clients at our YMCA centres are welcome! To make a donation please contact your nearest centre

How’s this for a warming tale in the run-up to Christmas? Clair is one of our workers in the Assessment Bed Project at YMCA Walthamstow. She decided to put a call out to all her family and friends to ask for donations of Christmas presents for all our clients and those that use St Mungo’s…

Christmas has come early for residents at YMCA Surbiton

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YMCA Surbiton residents can now enjoy free wifi, courtesy of local company Wifinity

Thanks to the incredible generosity of local company Wifinity, our hostel residents at YMCA Surbiton now have fast and free wifi. It will make a big difference to our residents’ lives, who will now be able to get on line easily to be digitally included in the local community. They will be able to look…

Young people celebrate our Get on Track programme

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Young men in receiving education

We have been celebrating young people and the incredible success with the 10th YMCA St Paul’s Group’s Get on Track programme, delivered in partnership with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and funded by Great Western Railway (GWR). In essence the aim is to improve young people’s communication skills, help them to learn how to work…