Feeding Our Residents

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open kitchen main 900x600 - Feeding Our Residents A huge thank you to OpenKitchen! Open Kitchens is a national food solution that brings together restaurants & their communities to fund, produce & deliver free meals to those in need. How it works it that restaurants volunteer to open their kitchens & work for free to cook meals for those in need in their...

Resources and Organisations: Youth Work Blog

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young woman on a pc searching for links to resources and organsiations Hello again everyone. I am back again with another blog for you all. Today’s one is short and sweet. There are literally thousands of youth work resources out there and in the digital age we now inhabit they are even more accessible. I will provide you with some links to resources and organisations that support...

Black Lives Matter

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black lives matter As YMCA St Paul’s Group we are upset and angered by the images coming out of America because of the unlawful killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. What happened to George Floyd was very wrong but what it has uncovered is something in society which is tragic and too easily...

Lockdown – practical tips for youth workers

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Group of young people talking in the youth centre

Hello again everyone. In this blog I will be sharing some practical tips for all youth workers. In order to help not just yourselves, but also all of our young people through this lockdown period. #1 – Help young people to learn how to express themselves. This can help us to better understand/deal with how…

We are going online! Live Virtual Classes are now available

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IMG 4628 900x600 - We are going online! Live Virtual Classes are now available YMCA St Paul's Group Health and Wellbeing are pleased to announce that we are launching virtual online classes. No matter your ability, age or location you can join us online from the comfort of your home. Our qualified fitness instructors will lead you through classes via Zoom. From the 1st of June, we will have...

How did I become a youth worker?

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A picture of Monique a female youth officer at YMCA St Paul's Group.

My name is Monique Westcarr. I am currently the Youth Project Officer at YMCA St Paul’s Group, based at YMCA Walthamstow in East London. Over the next few weeks I will be posting weekly blogs. I will be giving some tips, advice and sharing some of my stories with other youth workers. Why/how did I…

Life during the lockdown

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Shop window of YMCA charity shop

I recently heard the Coronavirus poem by Welsh comedian and poet, Max Boyce, “When just the tide goes out”. This poignant and funny poem talks about the change in our world and how the streets are all like Sundays with shops closed and no one about. In the midst of this stillness the caring still…

Challenge 2.6

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challenge 26 poster In place of the London Marathon, Virgin Giving are hosting Challenge 2.6. Instead of 26 miles of London roads, up and down the country people will be raising money together by doing fundraising activities around the number 2.6. Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our staff efforts and join in...