Winners in the Team London Awards!

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Volunteer Award

Last night our nominees for a Team London Volunteering Award were recognised for their hard work and dedication and were winners! Lewellyn Alleyne won an individual award for his volunteering at YMCA Hayes in West London. Our Inclusive Lives team won an award for their EveryBodyCanDance fitness instruction video (produced with Filmanthropy UK). Volunteering at Hayes Lewellyn has…

Take care of your mental health

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release counselling

With growing pressure on GP surgeries and lengthy waiting times for specialist mental health care, it can be a real challenge to find help when you need it most. Whilst the number of people suffering from mental health conditions has not significantly changed over recent years, research shows that the way we deal with our…

How we support residents with their mental health

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mental health

We believe every young person should have someone they can trust and a safe place to stay, which is why our Housing Support Officers play such a key role in the lives of our residents. Patricia Lumeca has been a Housing Support Officer at YMCA South Ealing for the last two years and is the…

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (08-14 Oct)

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mental health This week is Mental Health Awareness Week (08-14 Oct)  Two thirds of us experience a mental health problem in our lifetime, and stress is a major player. The Mental Health Foundation has a Stress Test – how do you score? Release Counselling is based at YMCA Surbiton and offers support to people who are experiencing...

“YMCA has been like a family to me…”

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We believe every young person should be able to fulfil their potential. Whether that’s learning a new skill, training for employment or improving their self-confidence as they take on new challenges. Sa’ida Mohammed, 30, has been a resident at YMCA Walthamstow for the last three years and is employed and training as a playworker in…

Our Be Real campaign takes a stand against body image negativity

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be real

With summer now in full swing, YMCA is calling on people to show their real-selves and pledge to ‘be real’ in order to fight against body image negativity that arises from the constant bombardment of ‘beach body ready’ adverts, pictures and magazine features. Previous YMCA research has revealed that young people are heavily influenced by…

Inclusive Lives launches its EveryBODY Can Dance video

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EveryBODY Over the past few months members of our Inclusive Lives Project team has been working with Filmanthropy UK to produce a user-led fitness instruction video. Funded by the Big Lottery. It’s aimed at everybody in the community, to encourage people to get active, dance and have fun! Even our care givers got involved in the video, showing us how...