Male football coach on the pitch

4 June 2019

Scott Chapman is a young person aged 23. He first came to YMCA four years ago as a resident at YMCA Hayes. Scott soon began to access the football and boxing sessions. He was keen to grasp the opportunities that came his way, and was offered a place on the Get on Track programme. This led to employment and the possibility of moving on from YMCA into private accommodation.

Scott continued to be involved with YMCA as a volunteer. He regularly supported the boxing and football programme over a period of 2 years. Unfortunately, he became unemployed 12 months ago. So rather than losing heart he instead offered more of his time to YMCA. He now volunteers at our boxing, football and youth work projects (10 in total). With the support of staff, he delivers his own football and boxing sessions, having gained qualifications in both sports through YMCA.

Scott is such a positive person. He transfers this attitude to all the service users that access the projects at which he volunteers. This really is something that makes the sessions more enjoyable for the children and young people that take part.

Scott was one of a group of YMCA residents and ex residents that were chosen to attend a Dragon’s Den workshop at one of our corporate partners (AECOM). He impressed AECOM to the point that he was invited back to talk about his future ambitions. This has led to AECOM offering Scott employment going forward as an Apprentice Project Worker. Scott is also a member of the London resource project group that is supporting the YMCA175 event taking place in August, including a TED Talk project where he will be able to share his views on a number of subjects important to young people today.

At YMCA, we believe every young person should be able to fulfil their full potential. Part of our mission is to ensure that young people can belong, contribute and thrive. Scott truly has done this. He had made us extremely proud of him. We are pleased to be have been part of his ongoing journey.

4 June 2019