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YMCA Surbiton is a supported housing scheme where accommodation and support are provided as a package. Our scheme is designed to help people develop in all aspects of life; mind, body and spirit, enabling people to live independently within their community, with a focus on social inclusion.


We provide targeted and universal support to single people age 16 and above in housing need, individuals who are homeless, vulnerable and/or at risk, people living with mental illness, learning disabilities or recovering from substance misuse or those who are fleeing domestic violence.

Surbiton hostel has 127 rooms, 3 of which are accessible (kitchen and wet room included) and 6 are double rooms for emergency referrals to accommodate families.

90 rooms from the main hostel are given as a priority to Royal Borough of Kingston single referrals, due to having a Supported People Agreement with Kingston Local Authority’s Housing Department (RBK Housing). We have a further 23 rooms that are also targeted supported beds in three separate move-on houses in Surbiton, also funded by RBK.


Rent at YMCA Surbiton is currently £291 a week

TV licence is optional for an extra fee of £2.74

The Housing Benefit award will help us to calculate a personal contribution.

For example if your Housing Benefit entitlement is £282 a week then your personal contribution will be £9

Please note that Housing Benefit entitlement varies depending on personal circumstances such as working or other benefits entitlement. Therefore, when your Housing Benefit entitlement is changing, your personal contribution will also change accordingly to cover the weekly rent.


The hostel has been recently refurbished and all rooms are self-contained with en suite and self-catering (shared kitchens, fully equipped).

Other facilities: Resident Lounge, Chapel, Fitness Studio, Recording Studio, Computers, Reception, and Restaurant area.

Policies, rights and responsibilities

YMCA is committed to safeguarding and equal opportunities in all areas of its work and responsibilities. Thus, alcohol is not allowed on our premises and smoking is allowed in residents’ rooms and outside but not in communal areas. YMCA will do everything that is reasonable and within its power to prevent the taking and supply of illegal drugs on its premises.

Resident Participation

YMCA is committed to ensuring that residents have a say in the on-going management and development of the Housing and Accommodation department. To this end, every centre holds resident’s forums at each centre and runs six-monthly resident satisfaction surveys. The Association has an electronic complaint procedure as we believe that we should be accountable to the residents for the quality of service being delivered.

Selection criteria

The YMCA operates an equal opportunities policy in resident selection criteria.

As per YMCA agreement with Royal Borough of Kingston, 90 beds for the hostel and respectively 23 for the Move on Houses are direct nominations.  Although they are nominated by the local authority, they must meet the selection criteria; age 16 or over, be capable of basic personal care, single and without dependent children residing with them, unable to afford private rented accommodation. The hostel also accepts referrals from Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness. Referral agencies can apply using this form. The hostel does not take self-referrals.

Please note that YMCA is not suitable to accommodate applicants who need support with bathing or other significant assistance with personal care, or who needs support with medication or are unable to use the accommodation without assistance due to a physical or learning difficulty. Every applicant will be subject to a Police National Computer (PNC) check.

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