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We believe in working together, sharing resources and reaching out into our external communities.

We currently work with a range of local providers in order to deliver, enhance and extend the reach of our services, including Waltham Forest College, The Soul Project, Jobcentre Plus and other local SMPs.

We are always looking for new organisations to partner with us. Your organisation may benefit from our advantage of having a ‘captive’ audience of whom we may refer to your services. Or, we may be able to work together on future projects so we can increase opportunities and grow our services for the mutual benefit of our local community.

Whatever you think you can offer or can gain, we will be happy to hear from you, even if it is just to include you on our network list. Please contact the Learning & Skills Team on 020 3598 1531 for an initial chat, or email nansah@ymcaeastlondon.org.uk