We have 4 stages of accommodation designed to support our residents on their journey to independence.

Stage 1

When you first arrive at YMCA East London, you will receive a 3-month license. This period allows us to assess what kind of support you need, to start equipping you with liveability skills, and to help you start to engage with all our services and other residents. We have 183 units of Stage 1 accommodation in our main Tower Hostel in Walthamstow. Each bedroom has its own bed, desk, chair and shower and toilet facilities.

Stage 2

After your first 3 months with us, providing you have fully engaged with our services, we will extend your license for a further 9 months. Our staff will continue to support you into education, employment and/or training and to equip you with liveability skills. Stage 2 accommodation is a continuation of Stage 1 accommodation.

Stage 3

During Stage 2, once you have established yourself in education/ employment and/or training, are engaging with our services, and are not in any license fee arrears, you will be able to apply for a further license fee extension and a move into our Stage 3 accommodation currently made up of 9 shared houses around Waltham Forest.

In Stage 3 accommodation, you will have your own bedroom and share a kitchen and bathroom with other residents.

Once in Stage 3, the main focus will be on developing your independent living skills and getting accustomed to sharing facilities with other people as this is the reality for most young people living in London. You will be expected to be taking more responsibility for your finances, and will be encouraged to take part in house meetings and ensure that the house runs smoothly with minimal support from your support worker.

If you have children to which you have regular access, as children are not allowed to visit any of the other properties, you can apply to live in Marsham Court as part of your Stage 3. Marsham Court is made up of 15 studio flats and also acts as Stage 4 accommodation.

Stage 4

After 6 months in Stage 3, provided you are still engaging with our support, in credit with your licence fee and are still established in education, employment and/or training, you can apply to transfer to our Stage 4 accommodation. This is the final stage of the accommodation we provide and is currently made up of 50 studio flats just down the road from our main site on Forest Road or, if you have children, Marsham Court which has 15 studio flats.

Our support in this stage is focused on helping you sustain employment, source permanent move on accommodation and ensure that feel you confident and equipped with the skills needed to live interdependently in private rented accommodation in the community.

As a YMCA East London resident you can also access and check your rent account via our new on-line system


If you are in full time employment you can go on the waiting list for one of our mYPads where the low rate of your licence fee will allow you to save a deposit to secure your own privately rented accommodation.

Your journey of Supported Accommodation at YMCA East London will offer NO GUARANTEE of a council flat. At every stage of accommodation, you will hold a licence to occupy rather than a tenancy. This means that you will pay a licence fee contribution, rather than “rent”. Some of the software we use uses the term “rent”, this refers to your licence fee.