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We believe every person should have someone they can trust and someone to talk to.

We constantly hear people telling us that simply because someone sat down and listened and showed an interest in them, they managed to turn their lives around. Be it Support Workers in our hostel or Youth Workers at our Youth Services – we are there for people who need someone to listen, give guidance and show that they care.

Youth support

For young people, our Youth Service is a space where they can go when they need someone to talk to or simply want somewhere they can be themselves and hang out with friends. Our trained Youth Workers are always happy to listen to any issues the young people might have, and offer advice and support. We provide information and advice on a range of topics, such as staying safe, drugs and alcohol, how to cope with bullying, along with activities and workshops designed to increase confidence and build self-esteem.

Resident’s support

Residents of YMCA Walthamstow are provided with a range of support and advice which are designed to meet their individual needs and facilitate their journey into independence. Our Support Workers are always on hand for a friendly chat, to offer advice about training and projects that can help build confidence and communication skills.

Community projects

In addition, YMCA Walthamstow also delivers a range of services which are open to the community, including:

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