challenge 26 poster

24 April 2020

In place of the London Marathon, Virgin Giving are hosting Challenge 2.6. Instead of 26 miles of London roads, up and down the country people will be raising money together by doing fundraising activities around the number 2.6.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for our staff efforts and join in with us!

Here’s 26 ideas to get you started:

  • Make 26.2 cupcakes for your neighbours (or you could eat them all yourself!) 
  • Learn all 26 letters of the alphabet and record it for friends and family 
  • Run, walk or cycle 2.6m or 2.6k as your daily exercise 
  • Skip, hop or jump for 26 minutes 
  • Hula hoop or do keepy uppies for 2.6 mins / 26 mins or a massive 2hrs 35mins 
  • Do a full workout in reps of 26 
  • Hold a plank for 26 seconds – 26 times! – or if you’re a pro for 2.6 mins! 
  • Rally challenge – pass a ball 26 times straight with no drops 
  • Be silent for 26 minutes or 2.6 hrs (2hrs 35 minutes) 
  • Climb the stairs 26 times 
  • Learn to juggle and keep it up for 26 seconds or 2.6 minutes without dropping one 
  • Nominate 26 friends to do the challenge – share a photo of your challenge and tag friends on social media asking them to choose their own activity and get involved. 
  • Do some gardening for 26 minutes of 2hrs 35 minutes 
  • Just be… take some time out for 2hrs 35, read or book or sit and just be. 
  • Find and draw/photo 26 different things from the house or garden – how many bugs can you find? 
  • Do 26 press ups – or 260! 
  • Get 26 pals together for a 26 minute song and dance 
  • Jump 26 times on the trampoline 
  • Get your pet to perform 26 tricks – or teach them 2.6 new tricks 
  • Get 26 friends together for a 2hr 35min marathon relay – each do 6 mins of exercise back to back – you can make up the challenge for each person! 
  • Donate £2.60 or share the challenge with 26 friends 
  • Play 26 different games with your household 
  • Walk 2.6km indoors – that’s 3,412 steps! 
  • Put the music on and dance for 26 minutes 
  • Wash your hands for 26 minutes or 26 times – lots of soap and water

Have fun and raise a bit for our brilliant cause along the way. If you’d like to donate to us, here’s our Virgin Giving page.