21 August 2014

It is now 140 years since the birth of the YMCA in South West London. 

From small church led beginnings in central and Kingston and Wimbledon, the Association has grown, adapted and changed and now delivers youth and community services in the London Boroughs of Richmond, Kingston, Merton, Hammersmith & Fulham as well as North East Surrey.

What has been delivered by the YMCA over the decades has changed in response to local need and opportunity. Our range of services has also expanded as we have learnt from the wider YMCA federation in England as well as Associations from around the World.

As well as changing content how the YMCA looks and expresses itself has also changed. The latest stage of this representation includes the look, feel and messaging contained within this website as we have joined with the wider YMCA federation in England in seeking to present a collective message, brand and identity to our local, regional and national audiences.

Despite the many changes to services and branding one thing remains constant and that is our commitment to our Christian values , young people and local communities. We are Here for Good. That means that in taking part in our Health and Wellbeing services, staying in our Accommodation or accessing our Family and Children’s services you are engaged with an organisation that isn’t motivated by profit but rather a desire to reach out to young people and communities across the area.

I therefore hope that you will take time to look through the pages on this new website. To learn more about the depth and breadth of opportunities available through the YMCA. I also hope that you will then chose to spend positively by coming to one of our centres or services, or that you will choose to take part in our fundraising events or ask about volunteering opportunities.

In 140 years, when they are celebrating the 280th birthday of the YMCA in South West London, I expect the look feel and content of the services will be very different, however what will be constant is our commitment to our our Christian values, young people and this community.