Christmas gifts for our clients at our YMCA centres are welcome! To make a donation please contact your nearest centre

20 December 2018

How’s this for a warming tale in the run-up to Christmas? Clair is one of our workers in the Assessment Bed Project at YMCA Walthamstow. She decided to put a call out to all her family and friends to ask for donations of Christmas presents for all our clients and those that use St Mungo’s services.

The response has been amazing – 45 presents in total! That is enough for a gift each for our Assessment Bed clients, as well as some for the Outreach Team of St Mungo’s to give out over the festive season.

The wapped gifts contain a mix of items such as essential toiletries, sleeping bags, blankets, coats, hats, gloves and other clothing along with some nice treats.

Christmas gifts

If you would like to donate a Christmas gift to any of our hostels and projects, do please get in touch with each centre to let them know.


20 December 2018