Had a less than satisfactory experience with YMCA West London? It’s rare, but sometimes it happens. We welcome your feedback so that we can quickly put things right.

If you’re unhappy with any part of the service you have received, then there is an official complaints procedure that we would encourage you to use. This will help us to make improvements.

We try to make it easy for you to make a complaint or give feedback, and we will always ensure that you get a quick response. We give you the right to a second opinion and we will keep you informed of progress in dealing with your complaint. There are posters with more information about this displayed in and around our settings, but our procedure is as follows:

  1. Talk to the person you normally deal with: they may not be aware of the problem and will be only too happy to deal with it. If nothing changes as a result of that, or if you don’t have regular contact with us, you should follow the next steps.
  2. Contact the manager of the service you want to talk to us about. If you are still not satisfied then:
  3. Contact a senior manager.
  4. Contact other external organisations: If you don’t feel that your complaint has been resolved using the stages above (or if your complaint has a public interest aspect) you may wish to write to external organisations.

Contact us

YMCA South Ealing – Jumpers! Nursery
25 St Mary’s Road, Ealing, W5 5RE | T 020 8832 1516 | nursery@ymcaspg.org