pic chat 900x600 - COVID-19: Our Health & Wellbeing Centres during this time

20 March 2020


Our message to our Health & Wellbeing members:

In line with Government advice, on 20th March 2020 we closed our Health and Wellbeing centres, including Hampton Pool, and froze all memberships. As a charity that celebrates the work it does with a wide cross section of the community, this was not an easy decision to take however it was the right thing to do. So don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything.

During the period whilst our centres are closed we have three focuses:


To provide you with home workout videos, health & wellbeing tips and online support, that will help you to stay physically and mentally healthy during these challenging times.

We are also moving our counselling service to an online consultation so that we continue to support those who were accessing valuable help.


To ensure that we sustain our wellbeing support to the many vulnerable members of the community we are engaged with, not least the 1,150 formerly homeless people we will continue to house throughout this period. In this group are teenage parents, looked after children as well as those who have come off the streets.


Our focus is ensuring that our key, frontline workers who provide the support to our residents throughout this period are given the resources they need to sustain through this time of challenge.

We are really grateful for your support for the YMCA over the years, your membership has already been used to invest in community resources. I also want to assure you that whilst the centres are closed your membership will remain frozen and you will not have to pay for your membership until we re-open. This payment freeze means that you retain your membership, whether you have an annual, monthly, pre-paid or pay as you go membership, your Direct Debit payment will not be collected throughout this period.

That said, if there are those who would be willing to continue to pay, even an element of this membership throughout this so we can continue to provide the wellbeing resources as outlined above, then your support will go a long way to helping some vulnerable people at this time. We will, in time, look to recognise and celebrate that investment however if you think this is something you can do, even for a period then we would love to hear from you.

Read the personal message from our CEO Richard James here!

Download our app here, if you have not already. We will be updating all our users through our app and email.


Stay safe and well.