Richard James CEO

9 December 2021

As a YMCA, our vision is to see young people thrive and communities flourish. That’s why throughout this Covid-19 period we have worked hard to support a wide range of people including the 1,200 people who call the YMCA home, as well as thousands of young people across London who have been disproportionately affected by the consequences of the pandemic.  

In order to thrive and flourish, you first need to be safe and feel supported and that’s why, in light of the government’s ‘Plan B’ announcement on 8th Dec, we have revisited our risk assessments and operational models to ensure they comply with the necessary new guidance. There is much yet to discover about the Omicron variant. However, whilst there is uncertainty in terms of its impact, we can provide certainty and reassurance in terms of our approach.  

Please be assured of our commitment to you, the local community, our staff and, importantly, our vision to see young people thrive and communities flourish during this time. Please do also take note of the advice within the YMCA setting you spend time in or visit. The guidance and risk assessment varies depending on the activity we are providing; you can find out more about each of our services and how we’re following government guidance on our homepage 

As I close, can I encourage you to keep engaging with the YMCA and to continue to build your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through the wide range of resources available. This virus is not going away for some time and therefore, ensuring you stay healthy and well in body, mind and spirit is important to helping us journey together through these strange times.   

Richard James

CEO, YMCA St Paul’s Group
9th December 2021