Gyms reopen on the 12th April do I have to do anything to restart my Direct Debit or membership?

No, we will do this all for you! Prior to us reopening your local centre you will receive an email regarding your membership and when your first direct debit will be. We will make sure any outstanding days membership from the lockdowns are credited before your payments resume.

Are the gyms open and operating as normal?

Following the Government’s latest update to keep our nation safe and slow the spread of the coronavirus, we will temporarily close all our health and wellbeing centres in line with the Government lockdown.

Whilst you can’t visit our sites you can of course stay active. We will continue with our online classes to help keep everyone active and connected, together! Check out our youtube channel & app for home workout videos, health & wellbeing tips and online support that will help you to stay physically and mentally healthy during these challenging times. We will be posting regular updates on our app, social media and on our website, please follow us and stay in touch.

When will my first payment start again?

This will depend how long your membership has been frozen with us and if you pay by direct debit or in advance:

Direct Debit

If your membership has been frozen continuously since March 2020 your first direct debit payment will be 1st May 2021. You will still be able to start using the gym from the 12th April.

If your membership has been frozen only since January 2021 (and you have not been accessing the online classes) your first direct debit payment will be 1st June 2021. You will still be able to start using the gym from the 12th April.


Annual/Advance Payers

We will adjust the expiry date of your membership to take into account the time you have been frozen with us. You will still be able to start using the gym from the 12th April.

In all cases the above dates are subject to the Government allowing us to reopen as part of the Roadmap. If anything changes, we will notify you in advance.

I have continued my membership and have been accessing the online classes – do I need to do anything?

No, we will take care of everything for you!

Our online classes will be continuing as we reopen other services within our Roadmap timetable. We have added outdoor classes at YMCA Hawker from 29th March which you can now book as part of your membership.

I want to be able to start doing the outdoor classes at Hawker before the 12th April, what do I do?

Before the 12th April, what do I do? You can opt in for outdoor and online classes here or contact your centre direct and arrange an early restart for your membership. You will then be able to book the outdoor classes at Hawker and the online classes. You will also be able to start using the gym from the 12th April

I am interested in knowing more about membership!

Thank you for your recent enquiry about membership at YMCA St Paul’s Group. We are thrilled to hear you would like to learn more about our membership – Please check our website and select the best option for your personal circumstances. From the 12th April you can also call your local centre to arrange to speak to a member of our team. We would love to answer any questions you may have. we can do this via email, phone or if

you prefer we can arrange a socially distanced tour of your local centre with one of our team. Please do get in touch here

Why do I have to pre-book my gym session?

Government guidelines still require us to manage the number of people in the gym at any one time and ensure we can provide Test and Trace information if needed. To keep everyone safe and adhere to social distancing we have to limit capacity. It is therefore important that everyone books their gym sessions via our app before visiting the centre. We are really sorry if you just turn up then you may be turned away at busy periods.

We know pre-booking specific time slots was quite limiting so we have now updated this process so that you now have more flexibility when you choose to come to the gym. You can choose the time that suits you as long as we are not above capacity you will be able to attend. All you have to do is book your session on our app before attending.

Will I have to still pre-book my classes or sports activities?

Yes. Our members have needed to book classes and sports activities for several years now and this has not changed. By booking your class or sports activity via the YMCA SPG App you secure your space and we can keep everyone safe by maintaining social distancing.

We will increase the capacity of activities in line with any changes to the government restrictions and when social distancing rules come to an end

I am having problems with the app/ how do I download the app/how do I set up a new account / how do I reset my account?

We have a page to help with most app queries here.

Please check this page first and if you still cannot make your booking then let us know by emailing us at or from the 12th April call your local centre and one of our team will contact you to assist you.

Since registering with the email and password combination I am unable to log into the app to book a class as it says ‘service unreachable’. Hampton Pool and YMCA Walthamstow are the only centres showing.

Please try closing the app and reopening again. It will ask you to log in again. All the other centres should now be showing.

We are aware this was a problem if you have recently re-registered with the newer email address and password combination. We have logged this with our service providers. If you have other difficulties with the app, please take a look at our page to help with most app queries here.

I belong to a sports club that books your centre. Have they restarted yet?

This will depend on the sports activity and each national governing body of sport’s road map. Please check with your sports club first.

I am an annual member / I have paid the four month student term membership, will I be reimbursed?

Annual and fixed term memberships are non-refundable. We will ensure that your expiry dates will be adjusted to take into account any days we have been closed. From the 12th April all our members are able to access our gyms again, outdoor classes at YMCA Hawker and online classes remain available.

I am a pay as you go user, can I book the gym, an outdoor class or an online class?

Yes of course! You can book a gym session from the 12th April, an outdoor class at YMCA Hawker from the 29th March or an online class. If you are a pay as you go user you will still need to book via our app and pay for your session or outdoor class from it. If you are a pay as you go user and want to book an online class please book via the link.

Is there a student or a concession rate for online classes?

If you are a full member then there is no additional charge for the online classes. If you are attending as a pay as you go user then the online classes are being run as a donation. The amount you donate is your choice, but we recommend a guide price of £7.20 for a single online class or £35 for unlimited online classes each month. This donation means we are able to provide these online classes for you and also for our vulnerable residents.

What do I need do consider for my health and safety when I take part in online classes or activities?

In the unlikely event that you incur a debilitating health event during your online class or activity you should, prior to the start, of that activity consider how you would be able to contact emergency services or how someone would be able to contact them on your behalf.

Through the registration process and with your prior consent we have your contact details stored securely. However, we may not know your precise

location during your online activity and this may be different each time you participate. Unless during that online activity you are able to verbally communicate your location to us it may not be possible for us to raise an alarm or notify emergency services on your behalf in the way we would if you were physically participating in a class or activity in one of our centres.

I have already cancelled my direct debit, what do I do to start this up again?

If you have cancelled your direct debit, you will need to rejoin again. To do this just click here and follow the steps.

How do I cancel my membership?

There is no need for you to cancel your membership as we have automatically frozen your membership for the time we are closed. You do not need to do anything – we have taken care of this for you.

However, if you still do wish to cancel your membership when we are back up and open again, please complete the online form here.

How do I keep my membership frozen? / Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

All memberships will restart on the 12th April. We enabled an extended period of freeze for our members since the first lockdown to support our members during this difficult time.

If you cannot restart your membership on the 12th April you may have to cancel your membership and if so please contact us to discuss at or talk to one of the team at your centre.

How much are the online classes?

The online classes are included as part of your membership for January. If you are a pay as you go member then we do ask for a donation for the online classes. This donation means we are able to provide these online classes for you and also for our vulnerable residents.

All the information is here. There is a guide price of £7.20 for a single class or £35 for unlimited classes each month.

Are the online classes continuing?

Yes! We remain committed to continuing to provide you with online activities throughout this period and in the future so that you can be active safely at home or when you come back to your centre. You can learn more about our online classes here

I paid for January I now do not want to return, can I have a refund?

For those direct debit members whose payments were taken for January we have arranged for this amount to be credited to their membership. This means that you will pay nothing for the first month that you return from 12th April when our gyms reopen.

For members who paid upfront (e.g. annual members) we will extend your membership for the period we are closed to ensure that you do not miss out on the membership length due to the enforced closures.

How do I get in contact with you to discuss my membership?

If you want to discuss your membership payments further please complete the form here and one of our team will be in touch.

Is all of the equipment in the gym available?

The layout of our gyms remains changed, and a little more spaced out to keep everyone safe and accommodate social distancing. We expect this to remain until Step 4 of the Government roadmap (no earlier than 21st June).

What are the opening hours?

We will reopen our centres from the 12th April. Opening hours may initially temporarily be slightly different to what they used to be. We will review opening hours as we move through the different Government Steps. Check at your local centre, our website or app for latest opening hours.

Are the tennis courts open?

Our tennis courts at YMCA Hawker are open from 29th March for organised tennis courses. We expect that pay as you play tennis will be available from 12th April as part of Step 3.

When will the indoor classes start again?

As part of the Government roadmap indoor classes can resume from the 17th May.

Are you running Personal Training?

Yes! We are offering personal training sessions from April 12th or online so that you can get a tailored work out from at one of our centres or if you prefer at home.

If you feel you need that extra motivation, professional knowledge and friendly encouragement to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goal then you can book a personal training session via our app or onsite from the 12th April.

If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing we will ask one of our health and wellbeing team to get back to you and discuss what you would like to achieve from personal training.

How much does personal training cost?

The cost of personal training starts from £35 for a single session and varies by site. Each session is 60 minutes long and is with a Level 3 qualified personal trainer.

I would like to carry on paying my membership to help support the YMCA and the charity, how do I do this?

This is so generous of you and means the world. You may well know that we provide safe secure accommodation for over 1000 vulnerable people across London as well as community sites and clubs. We intend to credit our members for the month of November however if you are happy to have paid for this month then please opt in to payment by completing the online form.

Last updated 30th March 2021