Are the gyms open and operating as normal?

In line with Government advice, on 20th March 2020 we closed our Health and Wellbeing centres, including Hampton Pool, and froze all memberships. As a charity that celebrates the work it does with a wide cross-section of the community, this was not an easy decision to take especially as we know how important the gyms are to so many of our members. It was absolutely the right thing to do as we are also committed as an organization to help restrict the spread of the Coronavirus.  

How do I freeze my membership / Do I need to cancel my Direct Debit?

You don’t need to freeze your membership or cancel your direct debit as we already have! We have automatically stopped your payments so there is nothing further you need to do. We will make sure you are not out of pocket for the 10 days of March that you have paid already as the sites closed on Friday 20th March and will recalculate this into your charge when the gyms reopen. 

I am an annual member / I have paid the four month student term membership, will I be reimbursed?

We don’t want any of our members to lose out on the time they have paid to use our sites so when we are able to safely reopen we will extend the length of your membership to include the days we were closed. 


I have already cancelled my direct debit, what do I do to start this up again?

If you have cancelled your direct debit, you will need to rejoin again. To make this even simpler we are going to launch a join online option – keep an eye on our social media and website for this and also reopening offers.  

When will the facilities reopen?

Our sites will remain closed for as long as they need to in order to help restrict the coronavirus outbreak. Once the government and are team are satisfied it is safe for us to reopen we will do. We will also be ensuring all our sites have a deep clean prior to reopening. Make sure you have opted in for us to contact you and we’ll be able to let you know when we open. 

How do I cancel my membership?

There is no need for you to cancel your membership as we have stopped your payments and there is nothing you need to do. When the facilities are back up and open again, we will ask the bank to draw the Direct Debit from the first of the month, however we will make sure we will not charge for the 10 days that we were closed from the 20th March to the 31st March 2020. 

If you still do wish to cancel your membership then you can do so by asking your bank to cancel your direct debit.  

Can I book a class?

Sadly there are no classes running at the moment as the facilities are closed and the class timetable is suspended. The classes will start again when we are given instruction by the government that we are able to reopen again. Please view our website and Facebook for home workout videos. 


Can I have a refund?

We have stopped all payments but we are aware that you may have already paid for the full month of March and were unable to use the gym for the final ten days. For these members we will be crediting your accounts or reducing the amount charged from your first direct debit once we reopen. 

I paid for a course of swimming classes/tennis classes will I get a refund?

Depending on when we reopen we will reschedule the classes for all those who have been unable to complete their course. For those where this is not possible or the new dates are not suitable we will credit you for the dates missed. This applies to classes and courses booked direct and provided by YMCA St Paul’s Group and not those booked with any third party. 

I would like to carry on paying my membership to help support the YMCA and the charity, how do I do this?

This is so generous of you and means the world. You may well know that we provide safe secure accommodation for over 1000 vulnerable people across London as well as community sites and clubs. We can’t continue to charge your membership as we have instructed the banks to stop taking payments. But you are able to make a donation to us via our online giving page.