Will I still need to social distance when coming to the centre?

Although social distancing will not be legally required our current social distancing guidelines at our Centres will remain in place to help lower the risk of customers and staff contracting COVID-19 and we request that you please continue to observe social distancing when entering and circulating within our centres.

Some centres one-way systems will be adjusted but we will for the time being retain the floor markings and Perspex screens at the reception counters.

Is spotting allowed when performing a weights workout?

Spotting is now allowed but we ask that you are cautious and considered to others around you.

Will the opening hours be extended?

The weekend opening times are now 8.00 am – 4.00 pm.

The weekday opening hours are:

YMCA Surbiton 7am to 9pm

YMCA Wimbledon 7am to 8pm

YMCA Hawker Monday to Thursday 7am to 9pm; Friday 7am to 8pm

YMCA Walthamstow 7am to 9pm

Will I still need to wear a face covering when coming to the centre?

Although no longer mandatory, we also ask if you can please continue to wear a face-covering when entering and circulating around our centres, which you can remove during physical activity.

Will I still need to book my gym session?

You no longer need to pre-book your gym sessions via the app. You are now free to come in as and when you choose

Will I have to still pre book my classes or sports activities?

Yes. Our members have needed to book classes and sports activities for several years now and this has not changed. By booking your class or sports activity via the YMCA SPG App you secure your space and we can keep everyone safe by maintaining social distancing. We have a page to help with most app queries here.

Will the changing rooms reopen again?

Changing rooms at all sites are now fully open

Will I still need to wipe equipment down after I use it?

We have provided anti-bacteria sprays and wipes, available around the gym, for all to use before and after workouts

Can I pay by cash again?

For the time being we continue to request that you make payment for services through cashless methods such as debit cards or via online payments;

I am interested in knowing more about membership

We are thrilled to hear you would like to learn more about our membership – Please select the best option for your personal circumstances. You can also call your local centre to arrange to speak to a member of our team. We would love to answer any questions you may have. You can do this via email, phone or if you prefer we can arrange a tour of your local centre with one of our team. Please do get in touch enquiries@ymcaspg.org

I am having problems with the app/ how do I download the app/how do I set up a new account / how do I reset my account?

We have a page to help with most app queries here.

Please check this page first and if you still can’t make your booking then let us know the best way to contact you, your centre and either your membership number or email and we’ll be in touch to try and help on the phone.

I would like to continue to freeze my membership?

You are able to freeze your membership for between 2 to 6 months every year. If you wish to freeze your membership you just need to complete the form here.

I am a pay as you go user, can I book the gym, a class, an outdoor class or an online class?

Yes of course! If you are a pay as you go user you will still need to book via our app and pay for your session or outdoor class from it. If you are a pay as you go user and want to book an online class please book via the link.

How do I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership, however did you know there is the option to freeze your membership and you will not be charged a joining fee when you re-join.

However, if you still do wish to cancel your membership please complete the online form here.

Is there a student or a concession rate for online classes?

If you have membership such as a student or a concession membership then there is no additional charge for the online classes.

How much are the online classes?

The online classes are included as part of your membership. All the information is here. The Pay As You Go option is £7.50 for a single class or £43 for unlimited classes each month.

All the information is here.

Are the online classes continuing?

Yes! We remain committed to continuing to provide you with online activities throughout this period and in the future so that you can be active safely at home or when you come back to your centre. You can learn more about our online classes here

What do I need to consider for my health and safety when I take part in online classes or activities?

In the unlikely event that you incur a debilitating health event during your online class or activity you should, prior to the start, of that activity consider how you would be able to contact emergency services or how someone would be able to contact them on your behalf.

Through the registration process and with your prior consent we have your contact details stored securely. However, we may not know your precise location during your online activity and this may be different each time you participate. Unless during that online activity you are able to verbally communicate your location to us it may not be possible for us to raise an alarm or notify emergency services on your behalf in the way we would if you were physically participating in a class or activity in one of our centres.

I have cancelled my Direct Debt, what do I need to do to stat this up again?

If you have cancelled your direct debit, you will need to rejoin again. To do this just click here and follow the steps.

Are you running Personal Training?

Yes! We are offering personal training sessions on site or online so that you can get a tailored work out from at one of our centres or if you prefer at home.

If you feel you need that extra motivation, professional knowledge and friendly encouragement to help you achieve your Health and Fitness goal then you can book a personal training session via our app.

If you are interested, please get in touch by emailing enquiries@ymcaspg.org we will ask one of our health and wellbeing team to get back to you and discuss what you would like to achieve from personal training.

How much does personal training cost?

The cost of personal training starts from £35 for a single session and varies by site. Each session is 60 minutes long and is with a Level 3 qualified personal trainer.

Last updated 28/10/21