easter chaplin

10 April 2020

Easter 2020 is so different to how any of us thought it would look just a few short weeks ago.  Planning for the first BBQ of the year, visiting friends and family, hoping the weather might be good enough for the slightly over grown lawn to be mown and sharing chocolate and goodies to celebrate.

Instead we are fearful of Covid19, separated, staying home to stay safe and protect the NHS and trying desperately to connect in new creative digital ways.  We are aware of the vulnerable, those struggling and the need to help and support.

Maria Skobtsova is a twentieth century nun from Russia and she said…”At the last judgement I shall not be asked whether I was successful in my ascetic exercises, nor how many bows or prostrations I made.  Instead I shall be asked if I fed the Hungry, clothed the naked, visited the sick and the prisoners.”  For her it was not just about the time she prayed or went to church but about how her love of God changed her actions to help others.

Across our YMCA St Paul’s Group sites we have seen team members and residents, the public and our communities take action to help those who need it.

From the Jumpers Nursery who collected food and made a bunny basket full of eggs and treats for the children of families in the local foodbank in Ealing to the housing support worker who went out after shift to accompany one of the residents to the shops.  She was having anxiety panic attacks about being outside as her fear overcame her.

From the numerous donations of food and cleaning products that have been given to our sites across London to the dedication of our frontline workers who are day in, day out supporting and helping, cleaning and maintaining, running the finances and business behind the charity.

So whilst Easter 2020 might not be quite what we expected, it won’t be the self isolation and empty streets that we will remember but the generosity and good will of so many people who have stepped up to change lives and help our communities flourish.

10 April 2020