Betina, 24, attended a Get On Track programme as she set about building her confidence in finding employment.

3 January 2019

Betina Ebondo Calho, aged 24, is a former resident of YMCA South Ealing.

“I lived at the YMCA hostel in South Ealing for three years while I got back on my feet. I’ve now moved and living in private rented accommodation.”

Finding employment

Betina received marketing training and a certificate in her native France, and would like to put that to good use in a new job. “I’m bi-lingual in English and French, so a job at Heathrow Academy would be ideal for me.”

“I’m keen to find a job in accounting or business management,” says Betina Ebondo Calho. Betina recently attend the Get on Track programme delivered by YMCA West London for the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust. “The Get on Track programme has been a great way to build my confidence and meet new people.”

Betina gave a great speech at the Get on Track awards ceremony, and told the audience about how much she had enjoyed the project, how it had helped to build up her confidence in looking for work and what she had achieved. She was presented her certificate by former Hillingdon Mayor, Councillor Carol Melvin.

betina award compressed 300x200 - “I got back on my feet and began finding employment”

3 January 2019