1 December 2014

The hottest new fitness craze sweeping the nation hits YMCA Surbiton this December. 

FitSteps is created in collaboration between two of the UK’s most famous ballroom dancers Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite, and multiple world champion swimmer Mark Foster.

Certified dance and fitness instructor Adele Watts will be running the classes at YMCA Surbiton on Mondays at 10.30am in Studio 2.

To begin with, this will be a trial class, meaning that the continuity of these classes will be dependent on attendance and feedback.

To book, please email adele.watts@blueyonder.co.uk or contact Reception on 020 8339 7083.

Blends fitness and dance

FitSteps is the first dance fusion of its kind which blends the elegant movements of Ballroom and the up-tempo pace of Latin dances with a series of tried and tested fitness methods into a simple, easy to follow class that works, tones and sculpts the whole body.

Just one 45-minute session can burn up to a staggering 700 calories.

The energetic classes combine interval training through a series of dance moves from the Jive, Cha Cha Cha and Samba to keep the heart rate raised, with a range of slower movements and postures from the Waltz and the Rumba that use muscular strength to tone the torso, arms and legs; offering a unique series of movements that when grouped together have the greatest effect on the body.

Suitable for all levels of fitness

The dances are broken down into easily learnable sections; and each section is capable of being delivered at varying levels of effort, making it suitable for people of all levels of fitness and age ranges.

For more info and updates on FitSteps at YMCA Surbiton, please go to facebook.com/fitstepswithadele