22 May 2017

To mark our Founder’s Day celebration, YMCA St Paul’s Group staff and residents are walking from the centres  in Kingston, Wimbledon and Walthamstow to St Paul’s Cathedral churchyard, along with staff from YMCA West London.

We want to create a memory maker, symbolising our coming together  from different areas of London, following our merger with YMCA East London and planned merger with YMCA West London. We also would like to underline the YMCA value (John 17:21), “that they all may be one”.

Although the YMCA has changed considerably since it was founded in 1844 by George Williams, our guiding principles remain the same.  From small beginnings, the YMCA Movement has grown to become one of the biggest Christian charities in the world working in over 119 countries reaching 58 million people worldwide.

By 1894, The YMCA had become so significant that its 50th anniversary was marked with George Williams receiving a knighthood from Queen Victoria and the Freedom of the City of London. Sir George died in 1905 and was laid to rest in the crypt at St Paul’s Cathedral.

When our walkers reach St Paul’s Cathedral around 2pm we will share a prayer next to George William’s plaque, followed by lunch together.

Why not look out for our staff and residents along the way? Give them a wave and a clap in support!

  • YMCA Hawker, Kingston, leaving at 9am
  • YMCA Wimbledon, leaving at 9am
  • YMCA Walthamstow, leaving at 10.30am
  • YMCA West London, South Ealing, leaving at 10.30am

There will be refreshments along the way and the social media hashtag for the event is #YMCAwalk.

22 May 2017