YMCA Surbiton residents can now enjoy free wifi, courtesy of local company Wifinity

18 December 2018

Thanks to the incredible generosity of local company Wifinity, our hostel residents at YMCA Surbiton now have fast and free wifi. It will make a big difference to our residents’ lives, who will now be able to get on line easily to be digitally included in the local community. They will be able to look online for jobs, seek online advice on benefits, find out about volunteering locally and keep up with local news. Many of them will be able to keep in touch with friends and family with social media, which is so important at Christmas time.

John Pope has been a resident at YMCA Surbiton for the last 7 months. “I was in a car crash and had a number of problems after that, and this place has literally saved me when I was homeless.” John has worked in IT before and was able to set up a temporary wifi solution in his room, but the arrival of free wifi from Wifinity has made him very happy. “It’s wonderful that Wifinity are doing this for us, and it will mean so much to the other residents here.”

Free wifi

Mark Parry, Wifinity CEO, is proud that Wifinity is contributing to improving the lives of local individuals in need: “We all feel like we are truly making a positive impact on people’s lives and a great sense of pride can be felt today throughout the company and I am sure this will stay with everyone on the team for a very long time”.

Adrien Belcourt is a hostel resident since August and works in IT. He came to the resident after ill health and a job loss meant he became homeless. “I think it’s important for residents here to be able to go online and feel included in the community – and being on benefits means this is often unaffordable. I also feel YMCA is a great place for people to get back on their feet, to be supported in an extreme time of need.”

18 December 2018