26 May 2015

YMCA St Paul’s Group puts free, healthy and homemade food back on the menu. 

This spring, YMCA LSW has been running free healthy cooking workshops for children and parents across five primary schools and one academy in Mitcham.

Here, parents and children are given the opportunity to come and learn the basics of making tasty and healthy homemade meals on a budget.

At Links Primary School, I meet Natasha, one of the mums that have signed up to Get Cooking. She’s there with her three daughters, who are all busy making homemade vegetarian burgers and clearly look like they are having a good time.

Before I came here I basically had this impression that healthy cooking had to be really expensive. But here we learn how to do it on a budget, which is great”, Natasha says.

After taking part in these cooking sessions, the girls have also become more interested in helping out with cooking at home. It really helps that the food they make here is stuff the children like, such as burgers and curries”.

Learning new dishes


Favzana is another mother taking part in the cooking sessions at Links this Monday afternoon. She’s there alongside her own mum, and her two sons.

We came to learn healthy cooking”, she says, “and how to make some new dishes. Also, I think the sessions are great because when they are here at the school, the children really listen and pay attention. It’s not always like that at home…”

Shabaz is one of the children taking part in the Get Cooking session. He tells me he often helps out with the cooking at home, “adding the powders, cutting the vegetables and stirring”.

When he grows up, Shabaz says he wants to become a food scientist creating the food of the future.

But for now, getting those burgers in the oven and surprising the family at home with homemade dinner is his number one priority…

Get Cooking will continue this autumn at selected schools across East Mitcham. For further information, please contact team.community@ymcalsw.org.