21 May 2015

Friday 15 May 2015 saw over 80 volunteers from the global consulting company CEB taking part in a “Global Impact Day” at YMCA St Paul’s Group.

Members of staff from the company’s London and Thames Ditton offices had left their day jobs behind for one day, and instead got dirty with tree planting, gardening, painting and refurbishing across YMCA LSW’s centres in Kingston, Surbiton and Wimbledon.

They labelled it “Project Dirt” and each and every one of the volunteers worked extremely hard throughout the day to improve the facilities of YMCA LSW; be it the garden at John Innes Youth Centre, the two move-on houses in Surbiton or at YMCA Hawker by the river Thames in Kingston.

At YMCA Hawker, a group of volunteers even planted close to 100 trees!

Giving back to the community

This was the second year CEB partnered with YMCA LSW on their Global Impact Day project. After last year’s project being a great success, many of CEB employees from London and Thames Ditton returned to take part again this year, stating that they really enjoyed taking part and giving back to the local community.

A team of around 20 people volunteered at YMCA LSW’s ‘move-on houses’ in Surbiton, clearing the gardens and doing some exterior painting.

Stephanie from the CEB Thames Ditton Offices, said:

“It’s been a great day so far! We’ve been doing some painting and some gardening, and in general just made the place look better for the people that live here.

I think everyone just really enjoys giving back and it’s such a great feeling to know that it’s not just us, it’s the whole company from the United States to South Africa to India and back to Europe – CEB employees across the globe are all part of it”.

Andy Mole, Volunteer Co-ordinator at YMCA St Paul’s Group, said:

“We’re very grateful to all the volunteers from CEB who did such a great job on Friday 15th May. The result is fantastic. The refurbishments make the Centres brighter and with the trees at YMCA Hawker we have a nice little project for the children to get involved with. It’s great to partner with a local company like CEB, as the volunteers can come back here anytime and see the impact of the work they did”.