2 December 2015

As we are drawing closer to the end of the year, on Tuesday 24 November it was time to celebrate the successes and achievements of 2015, at YMCA St Paul’s Group’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).This year’s event took place at our newest centre, the YMCA White House in Hampton, which has being managed by YMCA LSW on behalf of the Hampton on Thames Community Association since April 2015.

This is a vibrant community centre with close ties to the local Hampton community. It is home to a cosy café, a popular nursery and a wide array of community sections such as the Middlesex Yeomanry Band, the Hampton Embroidery Group and the Sweet Seams.

A wide variety of acts

For the AGM, the main hall at YMCA White House was decorated in the new YMCA brand colours representing our five core areas of work: Children, Youth and Family Work; Accommodation; Health and Wellbeing; Training and Education and Support and Advice.

Following the Annual General Meeting, over 100 guests were invited to eat and drink and learn more about the work of YMCA St Paul’s Group through a wide range of speeches, videos, and music and dance performances onstage.

The Community Choir kick-started their busy Christmas season with the performance of the Welsh hymn ‘Calon Lan’ and the Beatles classic ‘All you need is love’. Also, there were short videos to give the guests a flavour of the daily life at our afterschool clubs, residential camp and nursery, as well as videos presenting our work with young people in the MTV youth club in Hampton and Y:Cube in Mitcham.

Maddie and Callum from YMCA Basement/Groove Academy played beautiful music, the YMCA LSW Youth Dance Company performed their brand new piece about body confidence inspired by the YMCA Be Real campaign and former YMCA residents Michael and Paul touched everyone with their stories and poetry.

Read our Annual Review

Another touching moment came when Alison Worthington, a former resident at YMCA Wimbledon and a member of the Board of Trustees for 30 years, was awarded with the Red Triangle for her long-standing commitment to the Association.

An important part of the AGM event is presenting the guests with the annual review of the 2014/2015 financial year. This year, as last, we have presented some selected projects and stories that showcase our work in a booklet called ‘Snapshot’.

From Y:Cube to healthy cooking afterschool clubs to Junior Leaders and volunteering for homeless people – in the Snapshot booklet you can read more about how we are putting in place plans that will better help fulfil our vision of seeing people come to know life in all its fullness.