Our facilities at YMCA Hawker and YMCA Wimbledon have each received accreditation from the Inclusive Fitness Initiative or IFI.

IFI is a programme that “supports the fitness industry to become more inclusive, catering for the needs of disabled and non-disabled people alike”.

To be accredited our facilities have to be fully accessible, we must provide equipment that can be used by everyone and our staff must be trained to IFI standards. For more information about the Inclusive Fitness Initiative, you can visit the English Federation of Disability Sport’s website.

Our gyms at YMCA Hawker and YMCA Wimbledon are accessible to wheelchair users, where we have specialised equipment and we run a number of classes designed specifically for disabled people across all our sites.

For full details about our Inclusive Fitness classes, click on the links below:

Inclusive Fitness at YMCA Wimbledon.

Inclusive Fitness at YMCA Hawker.


people on bike exercise machine
Person on walking exercise machine