At Jumpers! nursery, our staff follow Early Learning Goals with all age groups. Children are encouraged to learn through play and first-hand experience. They enjoy outings to the library and local park as well as lots of outdoor play in our secure garden and nature trail.

“Children have lots of time to be creative”

School inspector Ofsted observed Jumpers! on a typical day. It said:

“Children enjoy learning through play as staff use good teaching practices to interest and engage children in a wide range of activities and experiences. Staff encourage children to follow their interests, which means that they engage and are motivated to learn.

For example, staff use an earlier observation of children’s interest in jumping on the paving stones outside. They develop and extend this by drawing a hopscotch grid on the pavement and show children how to play. Children enjoy throwing the stone and then jumping through the different numbered boxes, counting as they go. They use their balance and co-ordination skills to bend down, collect the stone and turn back to return to the start. This good use of building on children’s interests helps them to develop their physical skills and use mathematical concepts in play.

Staff spend time helping children to create an ‘underwater’ messy play experience. They use coloured sand, pebbles, shells, plastic animals and plastic dolls to support children’s interest in mermaids. Children enjoy using their imaginative skills to play with the resources, ably supported by staff who sensitively join in. They ask children a range of questions which help them to extend their learning, through making connections between films they have seen and their play.

Staff who are working with the babies, plan fun, interactive activities and experiences, to support babies’ personal, social and emotional development, as well as their physical development. They blow bubbles to the children, which excites and interests them. This encourages them to try to reach the bubbles, delighting as they pop them. Staff further support this by using relevant language, which the youngest children try to copy. Consequently, this supports children’s speaking and listening development.

The youngest children have a range of resources to support their development across all seven areas of learning. Children enjoy listening to songs and action rhymes, which they respond to by clapping and moving their bodies to the music. The older babies try to repeat some of the words they hear, which staff praise them for. This helps to develop children’s confidence in using language for communication.”

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