7 October 2014

The YMCA recently hosted a Church & Christian Leader event that looked at the Health & Well being of older people. At this event we were honoured to have a number of high quality guests including Dr Jonathan Hildebrand, Dr Phil Moore and Cllr Julie Pickering.

During our time together we quickly identified that the numbers of older people in the Borough are going to grow significantly in the next few years and are going to be facing issues around isolation, healthy lifestyles, questions of meaning and purpose as well as cost effective access to services. As a church leader and clinical practioner Dr Moore particularly urged those present to better consider the issue of mental health and how the church welcomes and supports those who suffer from this often hidden condition. A number of people talked about practical solutions being offered and Cllr Pickering drew attention to the Later life festival currently being run across the Borough.

Notes from the event can be Public Health older people.