Girl meditating

18 January 2018

Would you like to relax, learn how to deal with stress and focus on your wellbeing with meditation? Then try the new Meditation Class at Hampton Pool – it’s the perfect way to find balance in your life with mindfulness exercises. It’s a gentle class, taught by our instructor Ellie Sheldrake. It can help to destress and calm the mind and is an ideal class for people who have never experienced mindfulness and meditation before.

The first 20 minutes are spent warming up your body in preparation for the meditation, with gentle stretching and breathing. This makes it easier to focus and ensures your body is strong and supple. Just wear loose gym clothes to be comfortable.

There are different mindful exercises each week to encourage you to feel centred and calm, for example Sensation Body Scanning. This is a seated exercise where you are hyper-focussed on parts of your body, starting from your feet and moving upwards.

People tend to focus on their past or future, worrying about what went on at work for example, and rarely they focus on the present moment. With meditation you are taught to put that thought aside, and literally come back to the breath, to connect to your inner body. It’s a wonderful technique to keep you calm and centred.

If you practise meditation and mindfulness once or twice a week, it becomes second nature to you to take that breath and focus on the here and now when you are feeling stressed, worried and low. In fact, mindfulness helps train your brain and changes the physical structure of your brain if practised regularly.

Our Meditation class encourages development of self worth. It’s a small group of around 10 people, meditating in silence. Ideal if you have had a bad day and just want to relax simply, without interaction.

“As an instructor, it’s a lovely class to teach because it encourages a self-love approach. It’s not intense at all. It’s just gentle stretching to prepare the body for meditation,” says Ellie.

The Meditation Class takes place on Thursday evenings, 8pm-8.45pm in the Studio at Hampton Pool. Just £7.50 pay as you go. Call 020 8255 1116 for more details.

18 January 2018