Booking classes and gym sessions will be quick and easy

Whether you are a member or a payas-you-go user, you can sign-up to a gym session and your favourite classes up to eight days ahead*.

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Download the free app & start booking gym and class sessions today.

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Joining and Re-Joining the App

During the lockdown we’ve upgraded the security of our app system, this means we are no longer using Member ID and Pin but rather email and create a password. It does mean that previous users of the app need to login differently initially. We need you to make sure you can access the app and get to the booking screen.


New users to the app – what you need to do

  • Download the app from your app store – search for YMCA SPG
  • Once downloaded you will be prompted to provide your email address and password from first login.
  • If you were already using the app then you will need to log into the app using your member ID number and then set a password. See existing app user details below
  • You must do this before you make your first booking otherwise the app won’t work.
  • Login to the app and you will be taken to the Current Bookings screen, this will show No Bookings Currently no bookings until you book your first activity

That’s it – when you’re ready to book a class, an activity or to book a timeslot at the gym just login to the app and select the time and activity to book.


Existing app users – what you need to do to change your login and set your password

You will need to update your login details within the app so that it uses a password from now – you will not be able to book an activity until this is completed.

  • Open the app, it will take you to your centre home screen
  • Scroll down the screen and click ‘My Bookings’
  • The window will say ‘Log in to see your bookings’ click ‘Login’
  • Click ‘Reset Password’
  • The window will update to say Book Online password request
  • Enter your email address
  • NB. This has to be the one you originally registered with us when you joined the gym. If you’re not sure which email address to use please send us an email to stating your name, first line of address and membership number. Please do not phone the centre as not all of our centres are able to receive calls yet.
  • Enter your email address into the box and tap the green ‘Request Password’ box o You should receive an email from containing your Member ID number.
  • Beneath the member number will be a link to take you back to reset your password
  • Enter your membership number and a secure password for future use
  • Click save
  • A confirmation screen will appear confirming the password has been reset
  • Reopen the app and tap the back arrow on the top left of the screen to return to the login screen.
  • Enter your email address and password and click Log in
  • You’re screen will now display any current bookings – on first login it should say No bookings Currently no bookings’

You’re now ready to book activities for your centre.

One of the changes to how we operate and how you use our gym is that we need every member to prebook all activities (including gym visits) via the app.

You will not be able to just turn up to a centre and attend the gym or a class – this is a government requirement for any centre like ours reopening post Covid-19.

You should already have our app and if you don’t you can download it from your app store – and then follow the sign in details using your member id and email address.

Download the free app & start booking gym and class sessions today.

app badge - YMCA SPG APP

admin ajax - YMCA SPG APP

Those of you already using our app will see that there have been some changes to how you log into it. The security on the app has increased which means that you now need to use an email address and a password to login.

Unfortunately we can’t set the app up for you or change your password due to security reasons. We are aware that this process of changing to a password has not been straight forward for many of you. This is extremely disappointing for us too and we are in constant contact with our software provider to try to make the change easier but for the moment we need to ask you to manually make the change to use a password.

I can’t remember my email address

Send us an email to asking us to provide this, please include your full name, membership number and first line of your address

I’ve entered my email address but not got an email/it’s not been recognised

Check your junk folder in case the email has gone there. If not then send us an email to asking us to provide this, please include your full name, membership number and first line of your address – we will be able to confirm the email you used at set up

I need to change the email address registered to my account

Send us an email to asking us to complete this, please include your full name, membership number and first line of your address as well as the email you need to change from and to

No – the app is available now and the sooner you set it up the sooner you’ll be able to see the activities that are available. Even if you decide you aren’t ready to return to the gym the app will be used for outdoor classes and online classes in the future.

Download the free app & start booking gym and class sessions today.

app badge - YMCA SPG APP

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The app may well already be on your phone, look for one called YMCA SPG, if you can’t see it then go to your app store and search for YMCA SPG, it’s free to download and can be used on most mobiles or tablets.

Prebooking is needed for us to ensure we have a safe capacity within our centres, it also means that we are able to see who is present at any stage, this is a requirement for the track and trace process for if someone was to later test positive for Covid-19.

We understand this may cause concern but the membership data on the app is secure.

From the booking screen select the activity you want to and the time slot.

If you can’t see the time slot for the activity you wanted then this is not available. Please do not just turn up to the centre as you will be turned away. We have had to reduce the number of members and activities on each site at all times in order to remain compliant to the covid-19 restrictions and to reduce the risk of infection to you and to our teams.

Many of you are used to coming to the gym when you want to and haven’t had to be tied to a booking before.

We are sorry that this needs to change and realise it is a change of habit for many of our members but this is outside of our control and we need to be compliant to the restrictions and recommendations that have been put in place.

Please cancel any classes that you can no longer attend at least 3 hours before the class is due to start through the app. The cancellation button can be found in my bookings section on the app.

If you need to cancel a class booking less than 3 hours before the class starts please call gym reception as the cancellation function will no longer be available on the app.

We monitor attendance and have a ‘strike’ system and people found failing to cancel or not attending a booked activity three times in a week have their booking rights temporarily restricted for at least a one week period.

We appreciate some of you prefer longer slots so are allowing you to book two sessions back to back (ie two consecutive hourly sessions) We will monitor closely that there is availability to our members and if we reach capacity then we may need to review this in the future.

We’ve set our times and availability around the times you indicated in the welcome back survey so we hope that everyone will be able to access the gym around the times they wanted. We will monitor closely the occupancy within each time slot so that we can review our opening times if needed.

Unfortunately no as not all classes are compliant with the covid-19 restrictions, we need to be compliant in ensuring there isn’t too much movement and that there is no need to raise a voice.

We also won’t be able to have the same number of people within each class as each studio has a maximum capacity based on its size and the airflow within that room.

We will still have a timetable of classes available as well as outdoor classes at some sites and online options too.

Contact your nearest centre

YMCA Hawker

Lower Ham Road, Kingston KT2 5BH
T 020 8296 9747 | E
For press enquiries contact

YMCA Surbiton

49 Victoria Road, Surbiton KT6 4NG
T 020 8390 0148  | E
For press enquiries contact

YMCA Wimbledon

200 The Broadway, Wimbledon SW19 1RY
T 020 8542 9055  E
For press enquiries contact

YMCA Walthamstow

642 Forest Road, Walthamstow E17 3EF
T 020 8509 4600
E info@Fitness&
For press enquiries contact

Some customers have reported that this process has not been straight forward. We have been in constant contact with our software provider since we made the change who assure us they will rectify any issues. Please bear with us as they and we rectify any problems associated with this changeover. The process should be straight forward but there are quite a few steps to go through and it is not ideal at all, and for that we can only apologise.