Outdoor training 8 - Let's take it outside!

Classes will be held on the grounds at YMCA Hawker and just like before, you will be able to book them through the app. All we ask is that you agree to reinstate your monthly direct debit membership payment from 1st August and you’ll be able to access bookings for all the classes at no extra cost for July.


What are you doing to protect members from COVID-19?

We are strictly following the government guidance regarding safety measures and social distancing. The exercise area will be marked to help ensure social distancing is adhered to and hand sanitiser will be provided. We ask you to bring a towel or yoga mat to lie down on for Yoga, Pilates, BODYBALANCE and Core as we are unable to provide them. All bikes will be cleaned before and after every indoor cycling session.

Who will be teaching the classes?

Our amazing instructors are one of our biggest assets. Susanna and Sarah will teach the Indoor Cycling and Yoga, Zoe will teach BODYBALANCE, Pilates and Core, and the HIIT and circuits sessions will be taught by Vladena and Kevin. Obviously there may be times when we have to use a different instructor, but we’ll make sure we always have great people teaching our classes.

What if it rains?

Classes will not go ahead in heavy rain. If in doubt, please check the weather forecast and be prepared for a last minute cancellation if the heavens open.

Can I use any of the indoor facilities?

There will be access to a toilet only. Please come exercise ready and bring plenty of water and sun block!

Can I get a refund for the period from 21st – 31st March when the gym was closed?

By reinstating your DD from 1st Aug, you have access to outdoor classes from 20th July. This period will cover the days lost at the end of March.

When will you reopen?

We’re working so hard to meet and exceed the high standards for reopening. We hope it will be early in August but we don’t have a definite date just yet.

Why are there no weekend classes?

Our staff are working hard on reopening in the background. We still have limited staff available and so we need to look after them by giving them days off at the weekend. Bear with us. Normal service will resume ASAP.

I have an annual membership so I don’t pay by DD

That’s ok, just let us know you wish to reinstate your membership and we’ll do a manual adjustment to your account to cover the period of closure.