16 December 2014

Small Santas, walking Santas, big Santas, running Santas, Santas in baby-buggies and Santas with dogs… Saturday 13th December saw over fifty Santas running, skipping, jogging and walking the first ever Santa Run at YMCA Hawker in Kingston. 

The 5K fun run was organised in partnership between YMCA St Paul’s Group, the Rotary Club of Kingston and Stragglers Running Club.

This December, the Rotary Club and YMCA LSW have partnered to deliver fun filled activities like the Santa Run and a Candlelit Walk in the run up to Christmas.

Debbie Camp, Director of Fundraising and Communications at YMCA LSW, said:

It was lovely to see so many parents and children taking part in the first Santa Run event at YMCA Hawker. We are really pleased with the event and the partnership with the Rotary Club and the Stragglers and we look forward to making this an annual December family event. The proceeds will be split between the Rotary Club and YMCA LSW, and will go to the Rotary Club’s Annual Christmas Appeal as well as YMCA LSW’s Family and Children’s services, enabling us to support more families in the local community next year”.

Talented twins

Twin brothersTwin brothers Thapelo and Karabo (aged 10) came to the Santa Run with their sister, mum and dad. The whole family joined in the running, but the fast running brothers showed the rest of the family no mercy and were off as soon as the start signal was given.

The talented brothers came 2nd and 4th, with little sister Lebby not far behind. They boys have done other fun runs, but Saturday’s results were their best so far.

Jakob, 11 years, and Dominic, 10 years, finished not long after their friends Thapelo and Karabo in 5th and 6th place. Jakob is a regular at the Saturday morning Park Runs. He said:

I have done 126 park runs or something. I started running when I was 6 years old and I just really enjoy it”.

An Elf amongst the Santas

Mike and LyndaThe parents possibly had a more relaxed attitude to the competition aspect of the Santa run. Some took it as a sunny walk along the tow path with their dogs, and some had toddlers in buggys.

There was even an elf among all the Santas, representing the event organiser Kingston Rotary Club.

Michael Kingham, Chair of Club Service at the Rotary Club of Kingston, was dressed up as Santa’s most trusted helper Elf on the day, as he took part in the run himself. He said:

It was an invigorating run! If this was ten years ago I probably would have given it my best, but not anymore. Today I’m just here enjoying myself at this brilliant event. It’s been a super morning and a super run, with super people and super hosts!”


These are the results for the 2014 Santa Run/Walk:

1 Andy Gallop 24:21
2 Thapelo Cohen 25:26
3 Joby Thomas 26:21
4 Karabo Cohen 27:35
5 Martin Powell 28:48
6 Jacob Lossen 30:10
7 Dominic Lossen 30:11
8 Fran Thomas 31:17 (1st Lady)
9 Rosemarie Clancy 31:39
10Linda Rattigan 32:13
11 Nicolas Koppel 32:33
12 Andrew Button 33:00
13 2226 Kirsten Day 34:06
14 2228 Amelia Casson 34:07
15 2252 Louisa Wilts 37:07
16 2196 Relebohile Cohen ? 38:57
17 no number Unknown 39:03 (Not registered)
18 Mike Kingham 40:34
19 Debbie Tawari 41:25
20 Harry Day 42:59
21 Georgia Day 43:03
22 Tom Day 43:14
23 Rhys Legrand 48:10 (Didn’t complete whole course)
24 Andrea Legrand 48:11 (Didn’t complete whole course)
25 Louisa Legrand 48:12 (Didn’t complete whole course)
26 Natascha Koppel 48:32
27 Uwe Koppel 48:33
28 Janice Villadar 51:08
29 Phillip Villadar 51:08
30  Scott Jablonski 51:23
31  Paul Macdonald 51:31
32 Andrew Pickard 51:32
33 Janice Villadar 51:34
34  Lazias Lossen 53:29
35  Susanna Lossen 53:30
36  Alexandra Jackson 56:53
37 Delrita Jackson 57:01
38  Stephen Cohen 57:02
39 Susanne Macdonald ? 57:26
40 Anita Zechmann 57:26
41 Agnieszka Luty 57:27
42  Maria Morant 01:00:31
43 Holly Webb 01:00:31
44 Bethany Webb 01:00:49
45 Poppy Westonsman 01:01:00
46  Louise Webb 01:01:00
47  Hatti Westonsman 01:03:04
48  Tor Shaw 01:03:05
49  Cara Hudnott 01:03:06
50 Beverley Gow 01:06:44 (Started late & acted as back sweeper)
51 Ella Burnett 01:06:45
52 Siobhan Burnett 01:06:46
53 Bridget Byrne 01:06:47
54 George Byrne 01:06:49
55  Lesley Wilson 01:09:05
56 Myke Catterall 01:09:07

More Christmas Activities

The Christmas spirit continues at YMCA Hawker this week, with a free gift wrapping service in the Pod soft play on Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am-1.30pm. The service is free for all with a Pod entry.

On Wednesday, children aged 0-11 who visit the Pod also get the opportunity to take part in a Christmas storytelling time. On Tuesday 16th December at 5.15pm the whole family is invited to a Carol Service in the Café, where children from the Baby ballet classes at YMCA Hawker will be performing.

Christmas Eve by the Rotree

Santa run winner 2014This December, the Rotary Club of Kingston is located outside Bentalls where they are displaying their new Rotree, a seven metre installation designed by students from Kingston College.

Lynda Rowland, Club President at the Rotary Club, said:

We would love it if some of the Santas who took part in the Santa run this weekend would come down to the Rotree on Christmas Eve, dressed in their Santa suits, and do a good deed on Christmas helping us with the collection buckets for ten minutes or so”.

For more photos of the Santa Run/Walk please go to our Facebook page.