Childcare before school

If your hectic schedule means you need childcare before school, then our Breakfast Clubs at various local primary schools may be just what you’re looking for. We accept Childcare Vouchers from a range of providers.

Our Breakfast Clubs are a safe, welcoming place for children to play with friends, catch up with homework or relax before the day really gets going. School pupils arrive before school starts and are given a healthy breakfast to set them up for the day. Research shows that children who eat a healthy breakfast are more productive throughout the school day and healthier.

Currently, we run Breakfast School Clubs at the following sites:

South West London

East London

  • Chingford Hall Primary Academy
  • Emmanuel Community School
  • Handsworth Primary School
  • Whittingham Community Primary School
  • Yardley Primary Academy

‘The children love the club, and the parents see it as our
extended provision. We’re delighted with the partnership’

(Head Teacher, Handsworth Primary School)


To register and reserve your child place, click through to our online booking system.

For more information about our breakfast clubs in East London, please call our childcare team on 020 8509 4636 or email family&

Alternatively, if you are a Head Teacher who would like to discuss starting up a Breakfast Club in your school, please do get in touch.