Pod2 small image 4 - Soft Play for children at YMCA

All services involving direct contact including soft play are temporarily suspended until further notice.

In light of the government decision on 15/08/2020 the Soft Play continues remains closed. 
We will update you with information about re-opening soon.

Enjoy indoor play at The Pod soft play at  YMCA Hawker in Kingston and Pod2 at YMCA Wimbledon: exciting places where children can have fun, explore and learn in an environment that encourages their physical, emotional and intellectual development.

They are also places where parents can come whether it be hot, wet or cold outside in order to meet friends, allow the children to use up energy as well as have a great time out as a family.

The benefits of soft play are well documented:

  • Using soft play encourages children to be active whilst exploring and learning in a fun environment.
  • Research has shown that children who are regularly involved in active play develop well on many levels, including physical, emotional, mental and social. Where baby gym mostly focuses on organised activities and interaction, the idea behind soft play is for children to use their imagination and get involved in exploratory play.
  • The equipment is, as the name suggests, ideally designed to be soft so that it’s safe for children to play on. At many soft play centres, there are multi-levels of play activities, including climbing frames, slides, ball pools, crawl tubes, rope bridges and scramble nets. Children can dive in and get exploring on their own, with friends or interact with other children who are already there and playing.
  • Active and exploratory soft play helps children learn new motor skills in a fun and stimulating environment. It helps develop physical activity and encourages children to enjoy exercising, but as it is essentially play it feels fun and exciting for them.

So why not check out our indoor play facilities in YMCA Wimbledon and YMCA Hawker (Kingston), where you’ll be pleased to know we also offer free WiFi, cafés serving hot drinks and snacks, and a friendly team there to welcome you and your children.

Pod2 small image 3 - Soft Play for children at YMCA
Pod 2 4 1 - Soft Play for children at YMCA
Pod messy play 1 - Soft Play for children at YMCA