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The Finding your Feat leadership programme is a leadership and employability skills development programme delivered by YMCA St Paul’s Group in partnership with SEGRO and Landaid. Its goal is to empower young people experiencing homelessness to reach their goals.

Aimed at our young residents, the programme runs over an 8-week period from Tuesday 5 July 2022 and helps young people develop the attitudes and skills needed to make long term positive life choices, focusing on teamwork and confidence building, mental and physical health, independence and  employability skills, and goal setting and planning.​

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70% of previous participants moved onto positive outcomes

Programme Schedule

Two days a week for 8 weeks – hosted at YMCA Slough and external venues 

  • Week 1  – Confidence building
  • Week 2 – Teamwork  
  • Week 3  – Mental/Physical Health
  • Week 4 – Independence skills 
  • Week 5  – Leadership – Community project
  • Week 6  – Employability
  • Week 7  – Employability
  • Week 8 – Goal setting/ celebration 
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Untitled design 6 65x65 - Finding your Feat70% of participants moved onto positive outcomes ​
Untitled design 3 1 65x65 - Finding your FeatEntry into/sustainment of education
Untitled design 1 1 65x65 - Finding your FeatEmployment and training, aspirations raised
Untitled design 4 65x65 - Finding your FeatEmployability and key life skills attained
Untitled design 2 65x65 - Finding your FeatAbility to set and achieve goals
Untitled design 5 65x65 - Finding your FeatConfidence, emotion management and leadership skills

Wraparound support

  • Young referred by the housing team will have dedicated 1-2-1 induction sessions with their key youth worker to establish goals, buy in and expectations for the programme 
  • The week before the programme will be a group introduction day at Slough with food to meet the team and other young people attending
  • Young people will be offered a mentor as part of this programme either their key worker support or through volunteer mentors

When: This programme starts on Tuesday 5 July and runs for an 8-week period.  

Start date: 5 July 2022
Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Times: 11am – 3:00pm
Location: YMCA Slough, 30 Ladbrooke Road, Slough, SL1 2SR

Contact Alan or George for more info:

E: AlanMaphosa@ymcaspg.org Call or text: 07909533912
E: GeorgeBergin@ymcaspg.org Call or text: 07817359957

This work was made possible through the support of SEGRO and LandAid.