16 December 2014

Save the date for next year’s sleep out event with YMCA St Paul’s Group!

Next year, our two Sleep Easy fundraising events in Kingston and Wimbledon will take place on Friday 6th March 2015.

Venues for the events are yet to be confirmed – follow us on Facebook and Twitter and keep an eye on the website for further details.

2015 will be the sixth year that YMCA St Paul’s Group, in partnership with Churches and Charities in Merton and Kingston, invite people to sleep rough so others don’t have to and by doing that raising awareness about the growing number of homeless people in Britain.

Come 6th March, we hope to have the biggest gathering of ‘rough sleepers’ in the history of the Sleep Easy event.

Last year, 160 people turned up to show they care for vulnerable people in their community – next year we are hoping for at least 250. Over the last five years, Sleep Easy has raised almost £70.000 and in total almost 700 people has attended the events.

Sarah Ward, fundraising Officer at YMCA LSW said:

Sleep Easy is a really enjoyable and challenging event, but has a huge impact on people who are not as fortunate as those taking part

Simon Williams, Housing Director of Merton Council, were among the local residents who showed his support for vulnerable people in the local community by sleeping out in 2014.  He said:

“I had the chance to talk to quite a few YMCA staff, volunteers from faith groups, and a couple of YMCA residents. It was helpful to learn more about the work done by the YMCA, some of funded by the council and some not, which offers shelter every night through the winter, supports people to make any necessary changes in their lives, and offers a wider variety of ‘wellbeing’ activities”.

Sleep Easy is a national YMCA fundraising event, with YMCA’s up and down the country running similar events throughout the winter months, raising money for their work with homeless people in their local community.

Last year YMCA LSW helped and housed over 500 people, many as young as 16 years old, working with them and giving them the support they need to move forward with their lives.

For further questions about Sleep Easy 2015, please contact Sarah Ward on phone: 020 8339 7308, or email: sarahward@ymcalsw.org