Why sleep out?

QPR Community Trust and YMCA St Paul’s Group share a vision to create opportunities, inspire change and help local people fulfill their potential.

– fundraising together to transform lives by creating opportunities for change.

YMCA’s in the West London area gives over 400 young people a safe place to sleep every night, but over 45% of our YMCA residents are not in employment, training or volunteering.

For a young person with no qualifications or family support, chances of getting and keeping a job are minimal. 16-25 year olds with no job may find themselves sleeping rough. Funds raised will enable YMCA’s Employability programme to give more young people the tools and support they need to break the no job, no home cycle.

Will, age 25, said,

“The YMCA Get on Track employment course made me realise how important it was to get a job and better myself. One week after Get on track, I’m in the final steps of an interview process and 100% confident that I will succeed.”

QPR in the Community Trust provides opportunities based on the main broad objectives of Health, Education, Social Inclusion and Participation, tackling National issues at a local level. The Trust recognises the power that football and the Football Club identity has on its local community. It engages people, stimulates interest and is a powerful tool in spreading positive messages.

The work undertaken by the Trust covers 7 London boroughs and around 25,000 people. The beneficiaries are all members of the local community including school children, young adults, disabled groups, community groups, those at risk, parents and volunteers. “QPR in the Community Trust wishes to break down barriers to participation and create safer, positive communities.

“We look forward to hosting another very successful sleep out event at Loftus Road and know that all the money raised will be put to good use within the local communities” – Justin Stone, QPR Trust, Multi Activities Manager

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