5 June 2014

Fire making, surfing, swimming, jumping from cliffs and exploring caves – the ten young carers at the Space Residential boosted their confidence and had the time of their life.

Here’s an update from Camp Co-ordinator Myke – read and enjoy!:

“MondaSpace Residential websitey was fantastic! After a rather long drive and a few restless children, when we approached Newgale and saw the beach and the view, one of the children said, “That drive was so worth it to see a view like this!”.

We spent Monday night down on the beach paddling in the water and watching the sunset, it was a perfect end to a perfect day! Nobody really knew each other and already, friendships had been made!

Tuesday morning we went weaselling and rock climbing which was superb! It really challenged the most confident and allowed the less confident to broaden their boundaries and take risk.

So many positives to come out of it! One child spoke about how their parents are always proud of them for helping care for their gran but was really happy that their parents can be proud of them for something else!

Wednesday we went coasteering; a few fearful and anxious children who couldn’t swim, but can you imagine, 10 children who had never swam in the open sea before swimming around cliffs and into open caves, and jumping as high as 20ft into the blue lagoon!

It was such reflective activity, so many children talking about how proud they are of themselves and how well they believe they have done and this is what we aimed to achieve! We want the children to be proud of something they have done for themselves, and be confident it something new they have tried!!

The fire last night was fantastSpace Residential website 2ic!! The children were using the axe to chop and prepare wood and all really got involved to keep the fire going, keep the popcorn popping and the Kelly kettle (we purchased with some of the swap your gear money) boiling for hot chocolate and marshmallows!

As we watched the sun set and the fire slowly burn out, we reflected on our highs and lows of the day.

Busy on the beach now surfing (well, I’m observing)!

Everyone is having a great time and those that we scared of the water and risks that come with surfing have now overcome those and are confident in the water and again, are challenging themselves working together and supporting each other and praising one another!!

We really do have a great team here!!”