YMCA has started to finalise the land transaction with Kingston Council for  the St Mary’s Centre site. We are now working with our architects and technical advisers to develop a scheme that provides a community centre and affordable housing.

The ambition is to provide a brand new community centre for local people including a cafe, together with 31 affordable homes and a nursery. However, there’s a long way to go before anything is finalised. Our proposed development will be on the existing footprint of the St Mary’s Centre only and not on the surrounding area, eg, the allotments behind the centre.

What happens next?
The project is at its earliest stages. Ultimately we need to finalise the design and then submit an application for planning permission. We believe this is an exciting opportunity for YMCA Chessington; we want everyone to have a chance to help shape that opportunity.

A vibrant hub at the heart of your community
We want the new centre to be at the heart of the community; providing services that the local people need and want. We are keen to ensure that local people are fully engaged in the process as we begin to develop the project. We have already had some initial consultations, including public meetings and sessions at the centre with hall users and residents. We have set up a consultative group which is made up from local residents of all ages and backgrounds, not all of whom are users of the existing building.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions or enquiries, please email us at YCube@ymcaspg.org