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3 October 2019

We believe everyone should enjoy the benefits of good health and wellbeing, but it can be hard to stretch the budget to cover gym membership when you’re a student. However, our special student rates and flexible gym membership options makes it very affordable to stay fit. Here’s what one of our student members had to say…

Name: Luyao li

Age: 24

Studying: Graphic Design

Member of:  YMCA Surbiton

How long you been a member: 1 year +

Why did you join us? It was nearby, very close to where I live and not too far from my university. Also there was a great student discount, so I paid for the whole year upfront, was so good!

Favourite thing about our Health & Wellbeing Centre? I love the sauna here and that it’s not too crowded, it has everything I need.

Favourite activity/equipment? I love the TRX and free weights area.

How does exercise help you with studying? It helps me to release stress, doing my Masters can be very stressful and I end up eating a lot (Laughs). So exercising helps me to remain balanced and feel good.

Any tips for students? Find something to help reduces your anxiousness, for me it’s the gym. However, there are lots of classes here that are great for that.

How do you balance fitness and your studies? I go to the gym about 3-5 times a week, weight training and cardio. I enjoy the gym as it helps me to focus when it comes to studying and it helps me sleep. When I’m stressed, I like to go to the gym, workout real hard and then I’m able to sleep very well! So it’s part of my weekly lifestyle now.

Relieve stress, improve concentration, spark your energy levels and refresh your mind with our Student memberships, just £200 a year or £95 for 4 months.  Click Here to register for our student membership. Offer ends soon, 31st October.

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3 October 2019