30 September 2015

Trained Health & Wellbeing staff from YMCA Wimbledon will be on hand to help you stop smoking this October, as NHS launches national campaign Stoptober.  

Research shows that people who manage to stay smoke-free for the first 28 days of giving up smoking, are five times as likely to quit for good.

Sign up online to join the campaign and call in at YMCA Wimbledon to talk to a member of the Health & Wellbeing staff about the support available in your area.

Stop smoking training

Earlier this year, two fitness managers and four fitness instructors at YMCA Wimbledon completed an NHS led training programme designed to support people wanting to give up smoking.

Built around the same principle as the Stoptober campaign, this training programme teaches health and wellbeing professionals to support people through the first six weeks of being smoke-free.

Motivation is key

Ruth Dawson, volunteer fitness instructor at YMCA Wimbledon, is one of the instructors who took part in the NHS training scheme.

Motivation is key to giving up smoking,” Ruth says. “The motivation needs to come from the smoker himself, and not from their partner, parent or child. They need to really want to give it up.

“However, the training also taught us that smokers who get some support are four times more likely to succeed,” she adds.

“That’s why LiveWell Merton and the NHS have set up a six week stop smoking programme that we are now trained to deliver. The programme aims to provide people with the support they need to stop smoking in the community, where it can be easily accessed, like for instance, in the gym.”

Further details

For further details about the stop smoking support at YMCA Wimbledon, call in at the centre, email info.wimbledon@ymcalsw.org or call 020 8542 9055.